This morning, as I was driving to work, I was convinced the black, slick (that’s as detailed as I can describe an automobile) car driving behind me was a cop. I was convinced of this b/c:

a)      I was driving 75 in a 60mph zone.

b)      I switched 5 lanes of traffic in under 5 seconds.

c)       It just looked like a car trying to pass as a cop (those tricky poe-poe!).

d)      I was being paranoid.

It wasn’t a cop, and that’s about the end of the story. But, it brings me to a question, which I will now pose to the 3 people subscribed to my blog:

How do you feel about songs with sirens in the background?

You know what I’m talking about—those popular hip-hop songs that have cop/ ambulance sirens as part of the backdrop to the beat. They scare the hell out of me. Whenever sirens within a song come on, I perk to attention, check my rear-view, check my side-view, and strain to see all cars nearby. Baffled as to where the siren could possibly be coming from, I rapidly dart my eyes around one last time before realizing the siren is on the radio. I angrily turn the radio off, silently cursing the stupid producer that could have caused me to wreck in an anxiety-stricken state. This happens every time a song with sirens comes on the radio, without fail.

Funny things that happened today:

In this edition of “Funny things that happened today”, I have an email faux-paus story. I sent an email with subject line “Attributes Permission”. I wrote the email and signed off “-Tracey”. I somehow lost the end of “Tracey”, causing only “Tra”. Luckily, spell-check caught it for me, prior to sending. I breathed a sigh of relief, momentarily wondered what happened to the end of my name, brushed it off as one of those “Weird Technology Things”, and proceeded to send the email. 5 seconds later, my co-worker wondered out loud “What does Attributeceys Permission mean?” Looks like he found where the end of my name went.

PS. I’m in Nashville!


I just finished reading Portia de Rossi’s “Unbearable Lightness”, and it was incredible. Short synopsis…wait, my memory is kicking in….synapses are firing….I think I wrote about this book in my last blog.

Awesome Website

Courtesy of the great Andee Kaplan, I have become addicted to 3 websites, each offering amazing clearance sales on bike/active gear, for ~25 minutes/item. I have bought 10 things thus far. This is not an exaggeration. I found out about these websites maybe….2 weeks ago? Here is what I have bought:

  1. Arm warmers (for cycling).
  2. Cycling gloves (special microfiber technology to wipe my sweat from my brow!).
  3. Mini bike-pump (to fix flats on the road).
  4. Camelbak hydration pack (for cycling).
  5. North Face 1800 cu backpack (2 of these…one for a friend, I’m not that crayzay!).
  6. Camelbak running hydration pack (Okay, I’ll admit, I didn’t need to buy 2 hydration packs. But this one is pretty and pink. The other is red. They’re different).
  7. A Carabiner (in case I find myself on the edge of a rock cliff…gotta be prepared).
  8. A caving headlight (in case I find myself underneath the ground…gotta be prepared).
  9. Another backpack (I’m returning this one).

The websites:

  1. Mountain Biking Gear
  2. Cycling Gear
  3. Active Gear

Be careful. You’ve been warned.


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