Things I Care About

Today, as I was picking up my rental car, I noticed there were several maintenance warnings flashing on the dashboard: “Warning, Change Your Oil” & “Warning, Change Your Filter”.  I had a quick debate in my head, as to whether I should inquire if this car was safe, or if I should get a new one. I then decided I really didn’t care about being caught in a fiery car crash. Which prompted me to think, “What do I care about?” Below is the list of things I care about:

Things I Care About

  • Shark Week– is awesome. Every summer, one life-changing week of terror, amazement and sheer brilliance, in the shape of the oldest creature on the face of the earth (I just made that up—I think it’s actually crocs): SHARKS!
  •  In a moment of inspiration in the shower, I came up with the topic for this blog. Very excited to begin writing, I hopped out of the shower and onto my computer, not even bothering to get dressed. Seeing as I’m currently writing, while wrapped in a head towel turban and body towel, I would say I care about this blog.
  • *Deep Thought*: My FUTURE.
  • All those purchases I made on chainlove, bonktown and steepandcheap making it safe and sound to my apartment.
  •  Bear Grills making it across that river, on that skinny little branch. You can do it Bear! Just ask your camera crew for a helping hand.
  • Amy Winehouse’s death. She should have gone to rehab.
  • The U.S. reaching a balanced budget to raise the debt ceiling. Oh wait, I changed the channel from Obama’s address to the nation, to watch Bear Grills struggle across that skinny little branch. Scratch this one.
Little Bee – A book about 2 women, whose lives collide one fateful day, and one of them has to make a terrible choice. The kind of choice you hope you never have to face. Two years later, they meet again–the story starts there….
That was the author’s synopsis. Here is mine:
It’s about Africa and London. It’s good. Read it.
Random Thought
I’m debating going to a handball tournament in Vegas, at the end of September. Here are my hesitations:
  • I haven’t played handball in…3 months? ish.
  • It is 3 wall handball (no back wall, and no ceiling). I have never, not once, played 3-wall handball.
  • The name of the tournament is “World Professional Handball Tournament” and there is no novice division. Slightly worrisome.
So, I think I’ll do it!!! For the 4 peeps (I’ve doubled my subscription audience, what whatttt!) that read my blog, any thoughts??
I leave you with one piece of advice: Wear sunscreen. And watch Shark Week.

2 thoughts on “Things I Care About

  1. Roomie says:

    I’ll have you know that I officially started following your blog. Try to keep mean things about me to a minimum 😉

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