My Booking Spree

This has been a very productive weekend. My credit card and travel accounts have been busy. I’ve been on a booking frenzy. Let’s go over things I have booked/bought in the last 48 hours:

  1. Roundtrip airfare to Honolulu, Hawaii for October 14-22.
  2. Registration for a triathlon in Hawaii.
  3. Bicycle rental for the San Francisco MS150 September 16-17th.
  4. Hotel for San Francisco (thanks, Whitney!).
  5. Roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas for a handball tournament, September 23rd-25th.
  6. Cycling shoes.
Not so bad, right?
Well, let’s now go over the prep I’ve done for these events.
  1. Triathlon in Hawaii– It is unclear where my swimsuit is. I’ve come to the conclusion it is in St Louis.  Also, do I need to buy a special triathlon suit? Next thing to add to my buying list: a book on how to train for a triathlon (do I even need to train? It is a sprint, so short race)
  2. San Francisco MS150– I looked at my road bike yesterday. Both tires were flat. It’s been that long since I’ve ridden. But, I did get new cycling shoes, so step one is accomplished!
  3. Handball Tournament in Vegas– This one’s the best. As I debated signing up for this in my last blog, you already know the issues here. To summarize: it’s a 3-wall handball tournament. I’ve never played 3 wall handball. It’s called the World Professional Handball Tournament. I haven’t played handball in about 3 months.  It’s 5 days after my 180 mile bike ride in San Francisco. It’s cool.

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