Halloween FreakFest!

Last year, Carlos visited me for Halloween weekend, to attend the Gayborhood’s parade. Carlos helped me put my costume together the day of. What was I? Where’s Waldo, except I couldn’t find a white and red striped shirt. Or a white and red striped beanie. Actually, all I had was white and red striped toe socks, and red paper streamers I taped to a white shirt. It was a disaster. But, a quick disaster. This year’s Halloween costume was put together on even shorter notice….

Thursday at 10 AM, St. Louis

Coworker Michael: “Hey, Tracey. Your staying in town tonight, right?”

Me: “Yep”

Michael: “Want to go to a Halloween party?”

Me (.002 seconds, briefly think: where is this Halloween party, who is hosting, when is it, who will be there. Dismiss all those thoughts) “YES!”

Michael: “Cool, I’ll send you the details”

Me: “Wait! What should I be? What are you going to be?”

Michael: “You don’t have to dress up. I’m going as soy sauce and Ellen (wife) is going as sushi”

Me: “That’s so cute! I want to fit into that theme…. (10 minutes later)….maybe I could go as ramen?”

Michael: “Or, chopsticks! Hahahaha”

Me: “Ohh, yes, that’s it! Be right back!”

(11:10 a.m.) — Stephanie, Chinese coworker, and I head across the street to a craft store to buy supplies.

(11:25 a.m.)– Stephanie and I book a conference room for a “lunch meeting” to build the outfit. Thankfully, Stephanie’s Chinese classes pay off….

Semi-finished product

Final Product!

Sushi dinner + a Spider

Once at the party, we immediately head to the open bar. Problem: Huge lines. Solution: Grabbing 2-3 drinks every time you reach the bar. This leads to double (or triple) fisting drinks all night, which leads to a few evening highlights:

  • Entering the couples contest with Michael and Ellen, as a sushi dinner. This menage a trios makes it to second rounds, but eventually get beat out by a pair of Legos. Well done, Legos.
  • Dancing to live performances by Coolio and that dude who sings “Bust a Move”.
  • Busting a move on the dance floor.
  • Discarding my costume to the side of the dance floor, feeling like it cramped my style and ability to adequately bust a move.
  • Getting glitter bombed by Ben
  • Nurse (well, someone dressed up as a nurse) aiding me wipe the glitter from my eyes.
  • Photo shoot with Ben, in our new glittered out state
  • Reaching my alcohol limit for next 3-6 months.
  • Seeing the Cards come back to win game 6 of the World Series
    • Just kidding. I didn’t see this at all, just noticed everyone was cheering exceptionally loudly at some point in the night. I may have taken that opportunity to toast with more random people.
A good time was had by all. Go Sense Corp partiers!


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