Atlanta: Home of the Brave (s)

(The only sports reference I will ever make)

In a last minute switch-a-roo, I changed my Philly weekend trip to Atlanta, to visit family friends (my Mom’s childhood croony + her family!). Here’s what happened in (not so) Hot-lanta:

My first day in Atlanta consisted of a tour through CNN global HQ, and the world famous Atlanta Aquarium. During the CNN tour, I learned CNN news reaches about 2 billion households globally, and was able to view a live broadcast of CNN global news, featuring news anchor __________
(can’t remember her name, but she is a dead ringer for Michelle Obama…she doesn’t do the news, does she?? That would definitely be a conflict of interest).

Then, onto one of my favorite parts of the trip: the fishies! I’m a big fan of aquatic life, and I was right alongside the kids on a field trip, staring in awe at the exotic marine life, climbing through “underwater” caves, and petting the sting rays, sea enemanes, starfish, crab, and shrimp at the multitude of touch tanks throughout the aquarium. After a few trips to pet the sting rays, I head to see the big boys: the Ocean Voyager, home to whale sharks, sand sharks, manta rays, and other big-ass fish. I have some deep thoughts consisting of “Isn’t it wild how there is a whole other world beneath the surface of the sea, which we hardly know anything about?! Isn’t that just crazy?”

After the Atlanta tour, we head to the 360* revolving bar atop the Westin hotel, to have a pre-dinner drink and catch a view of the Atlanta skyline at night. A few minutes after ordering, the waitress returns to inform me the drink I ordered is out of stock. She begins to describe a few other similar drinks when I cut her off with a “Don’t even worry about it. I’ll have the mint chocolate cake”. For those that don’t know me, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, and prefer chocolate over alcohol any day. This will play a large part in the next day’s activities….

Atlanta skyline

The next day, we head to brunch at a solid Jew restaurant, Bagelicious. We eat lox on a bagel (yum!), whitefish on a bagel (yum!), liver on a bagel (gross!), and order several bags of chocolate, apricot, and raspberry hamantaschen to go.


Fueled up, we head to Stone Mountain to enjoy a hike up the largest exposed piece of granite in the world. The mountain extends 9 miles underground, and one mile above ground. We hiked that mile to the top, where we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline, surrounding areas, and gorgeous fall foliage.

Hiking up Stone Mountain

View from atop Stone Mountain

We hike down, make the journey home, and spend the rest of Sunday afternoon aggressively pursuing an ambitious goal: get through the first 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, while consuming copious amounts of chocolate left over from Ryan’s recent 21st birthday. We began this journey at  ~4:30pm, and had to leave the house by 6am for my flight to St Louis. Intended Goal: 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Actual result: 2 episodes shy of finishing Season 1. FAIL. But, oh, such a fun FAIL.

Next weekend: “Home” to Dallas, to search for an apartment (OR, decide to stay in a storage unit forever?? B/c it’s kind of awesome), and enjoy a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with friends.


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