Vagabond No More & Cold Days in the Mountains

Last weekend, I did the un-thinkable. I signed a 12-month lease on an apartment in Dallas. How’s that for commitment?! I spent all day looking at apartments. I ended up signing a lease at the same apartment complex I moved out of in September. Duh.

Next weekend, I will be moving in to an apartment and I will no longer be a homeless vagabond. As much fun as I’ve had as a nomadic wanderer, it will be nice to settle down and change my clothes out via closet rather than a piece of luggage in a 5 x 10ft storage unit.

I lived here for 3 months

In my last hoorah before settling down into a life of stability and home owner (renter)ship, I spent the weekend skiing in Beaver Creek with Jessica, my friend from study abroad, and her roommates who live in Denver. Some highlights from the trip:

  • Getting a 30-minute welcome chat from the concierge at the hotel, while the girls are popping champagne at the hotel.
  • Spending equal money on food vs. alcohol for the weekend
  • Sneaking into the hotel hot-tub, even after being told it was closed due to a $25,000/plate fundraiser. We kept it classy with $5 Andres champagne in the hotel tub….just in case the fundraising folks wanted to join us.
  • Major ski faux paus:
    • Ski in, ski out gondola opens next week.
    • Rental shop didn’t give me ski poles. I didn’t notice until I was almost on the slopes.
    • Getting to Keystone slopes at noon and leaving at 3:30pm, fully exhausted and unable to feel our fingers.
      • Unable to use my Camelbak, as the water literally froze in the hose.
      • Skiing in 0° temps.
    • Learning how to land a 2 inch jump!! (not a faux paus, except for the fall which taught me to lean forward rather than back).
    • Spotting a jump on the opposite side of the run, and crashing into Rachel (ski buddy) while bee-lining for the trees, in an ADD frenzy.
  • Making snow angels on the slopes
  • Being on receiving end of a 2-hour chat about becoming part of the SPG vacation home ownership program. BEFORE breakfast.
  • Partying and TAKING SHOTS!!! And by that, I mean drinking $5 champagne while playing Telephone Pictionary and watching Virgin Diaries on TLC.
  • Nesting in the hotel villa, courtesy of Jessica:
    • Returning “home” to freshly baked macadamia chocolate chunk cookies, chicken pasta w/ garlic bread and Argentine wine on the table.

Family dinner!

    • Taking bubble baths that overflow the bathroom. Note to self: do not pour entire mini-bottle of shampoo into jacuzzi tub and then turn on the jets..
  • Going to a Thai restaurant and getting laughed at when I tried to respond to the waitress in Thai.

Even with all the faux paus of the weekend, it was an amazingly fun weekend. Next step: move to Denver, so these trips are the norm rather than the anomalies.


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