I’m 21 (+3)!!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and good news: I remember it!!

I had one mission, starting out the evening: Don’t pass out before my last guest leaves…or arrives, for that matter. I am notorious for throwing a party and being completely unconscious in my bed, by midnight. I literally don’t greet half the people that come to my parties. It’s so unfortunate.

I’ve learned a few things from celebrating my birthdays over the years:

  • Don’t mix liquors.
  • Don’t stand on top of the bar and demand everyone sings you Happy Birthday. It’s really hard to walk away with dignity, when they refuse.
  • Do not try to take 21 shots on your 21st birthday. Just don’t do it.
  • Don’t party next to your bicycle. You may end up in a heap on the floor, with it.
  • Do NOT let anyone hijack your music. It’s your party and if you want to listen to Spice Girls, then Spice Girls shall be listened to, damn it.
  • Graciously accept free birthday shots.
  • Slyly throw free birthday shots over your shoulder.

Armed with those lessons learned, I proceeded to have a pre-game soiree at my place, followed by an adventurous night of bar hopping in the previously dangerous and currently “alternative” Deep Ellum.

It all started with a T-shirt.

The T-shirt

The list of 21 things to do on your 21st birthday

I slightly altered the shirt to add a few years. Joy further modified my shirt to decrease the conservatism.

Note the holes in the shirt

Despite sneakily slipping my birthday shots to Sreetham all night, I woke up this morning with a deep hatred for alcohol, bruises galore, and a strong craving for a greasy hamburger (or 6 slices of bread, which is what I ended up eating).

I am really feeling my age.


2 thoughts on “I’m 21 (+3)!!

  1. Whitney Sweet Pea says:

    We are going to have an even better belated celebration this weekend! Full of old woman activities …well other than the tri. 🙂

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