Latvia: Raining Riga

Although this entire Europe trip is my first time backpacking solo, the trip to Estonia was way easy, as I had a personal Estonian tour guide (shout out to Gea!).

My trip to Latvia was entirely on my own, but I wasn’t worried. Until I missed my bus stop,realized my directions were backward, and unsuccessfully played a game of charades with the bus driver.

I found an information desk to request directions; as soon as the woman pulled out a map and began drawing lines and circling landmarks, I knew I was in trouble. I followed the squiggly lines, got lost (surprise surprise!), got more directions and eventually found the hostel….goooo me!!

I was so happy to find the hostel!

I settled in to the cutest hostel I’ve ever stayed in; it was essentially a woman’s apartment, converted into a hostel. The bathroom and shower were so clean,I didn’t even need flip flops! Amazing,I know. The cute roommate I was hoping for turned out to be a 67 year old man…but definitely the most helpful gentleman I could ask for. John not only helped me turn on the dryer (all I had to do was press the button that said gdelfstich), but he also gave me a full itinerary for the next day: breakfast at a French cafe, morning at the arts district, lunch at a traditional Latvian restaurant, afternoon at the central market and St Peter’s Church, and an evening opera show.

I did exactly none of those things.

Instead, I did a walking tour that led me through a plethora of cultural and historic sites (please see Internet article on Riga for slightly more information).

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After a few hours walking through (and singing in the) rain, a German girl from the tour, and myself went to a traditional Latvian restaurant (or a tourist trap…I haven’t decided, but it was delicious) for lunner. We parted ways, I caught a free (well,i didn’t pay) bus to the airport, and that ended my very exciting and adventurous 24 hours in Riga,Latvia.

You’re welcome for a short blog.

Up next: Berlin!!!


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