Math is Hard.

But medical problems are fascinating.

Note to self: To have a ridiculously fun evening where 6 hours feels like 6 minutes, whilst learning about unbelievably gross diseases and medical phenomenon, hang out with some med school students. With the exception of the occasional medical jargon hindering a game of Catchphrase (“Matrix Metalloproteinase! Matrix Metalloproteinase! MMP! C’mon!” “Umm…what?”), I learned a handful of new and very useful tidbits of information:

To Bear Down

  • To exert a voluntary muscular pressure to assist delivery; particularly used in OB/GYN field to describe a woman giving child birth.
  • Also, see: pooping.

Also, see: Olympic divers photo shopped on a toilet

Water Birth

  • I thought giving birth in water meant the infant’s first breathe was water, and they would therefore develop a deep fear of drowning, as a result.
  • Apparently, giving birth in water eases the infant’s transition in the world, as the water is a smoother segue from the placenta to air.
  • The debate: does water birth make the infant a better swimmer, as an adult?
    • The answer: Yes. Michael Phelps’s mom opted for water birth.
      • I just made that up.

Scut Puppy

  • A peon in the medical industry (e.g., an intern is a scut puppy to the residents).
  • The jail equivalent of being someone’s bitch.

Not a good situation

5k = 5,000 meters

Iris: “The Olympic runners finish a 5k race in 12 minutes”
Me (reading the display on the t.v.): “But this race is 5,000m. How long does that take them?”
Iris: “K means a thousand”
Me: “But how long does it take them to finish this race?”
Iris: “12 minutes….”
Math is hard.


  • The abbreviation for Azerbaijan.
  • Azerbaijan is a country in Eurasia that produces some impressive wrestlers. Also, wrestling is definitely a homo-erotic sport. Within minutes of meeting one another, the competitors are locked in an intimate embrace. #jealous

This started as a wrestling match… ps, also this is not me.



Main Entree to Dessert Ratio

  • The proper ratio of main entrees to dessert dishes is 2:3
    • Pizookie (cookie pizzas) à la mode are amaaazing

Best part: Only one dirty plate!

    • Note: We were too excited for the other desserts to pause for pictures.

World Leaders

Nelson Mandela is the leader of South Africa, which is impressive. However, he is not the leader of the entire continent of South America.

  • Med school students can’t know everything.

The Olympics

We much prefer to watch Olympic failures, over Olympic successes. Please enjoy this video of an Olympic belly-flop (almost, literally):

Olympic Doppelganger:

Synchronized swimmers and your worst nightmare

Welcome & Good-bye!

Along with learning some fascinating medical concepts, Shyam’s new apartment has been properly christened and Eric Hui will depart to San Francisco, in style. In respect of Eric’s absence, I will refrain from eating home-made (by Stouffer) lasagna and drinking water out of wine glasses, until his triumphant return…let the countdown begin!



8 thoughts on “Math is Hard.

  1. Nancy says:

    Yeah Nelson Mandela isn’t quite as great in my mind anymore after I found out he didn’t rule South America :p This is too funny, thanks for posting Tracey!

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