The Three Muscleteers

The first annual Sense Corp ‘Exercise in the Park’ event kicked off in Dallas with personal trainer Scott leading the three Sense Corp Muscleteers, Santo Brocato, Gloria Chan, and Tracey Kaplan, through a series of (really hard) exercises.

Working on our fitness

Scott began the workout by leading the group on a jog, where Tracey fretted over the fate of her unlocked bike in the park, and Gloria discussed whether it was a bad idea to skip breakfast.

After the warmup, Scott explained the anaerobic workout would consist of 3 sets of 8 exercises; each exercise containing 15 reps. The exercises would alternate between seated (i.e., crunches) and standing (i.e., burpees) workouts, to ensure maximum heart rates and optimized calorie burning.

As the Three Muscleteers performed the exercises, Scott individually corrected each of their postures and techniques. The group learned Santo does not enjoy deep lunges, Tracey cannot effectively tuck her hips in while squatting and Gloria’s response to Scott’s call for 15 burpees is a very enthusiastic “UGH”. On the flip side of that, Santo’s pushups are rock solid, Gloria V sit-ups are superb, and Tracey can withstand a 1 minute plank with Scott pushing down on her. The group also learned Scott is a rock star trainer, after the following conversation:

Scott: “My workouts range from a level 1-10
Tracey: “Oh. What was our workout? An 8?”
Scott: “A three”
Tracey: “WHAT”
Gloria: “I should have eaten breakfast…”
Santo: “I shouldn’t have brushed my teeth with a bottle of Jack…”
Tracey: “I didn’t drink, I went to bed early, I ate breakfast…WHAT”

After the legit workout, Scott opened up the floor for questions. The following are some of the human, creative, brilliant and fun questions the Three Muscleteers came up with:

G: “Does broccoli have calcium?” Answer: Yes

S: “Can I eat bread? Because I feel awful afterwards. My dermatologist says I shouldn’t eat bread.” Answer: Something about glucose spiking one’s energy level and then dramatically dropping, causing a tired feeling. Look at the first ingredient in the bread; if it’s enriched bleached flour, try to avoid it.

G: “Am I a better person for only eating fish?” Answer: Um….sure?

G: “Is dairy bad for you?.” Answer: Yes, you would be healthiest as a Vegan.

T: “How can I satisfy my sweet tooth without…you know…eating sweets?” Answer: Sweet potatoes!

G: Does drinking water offset sodium’s effect on your blood pressure? My optometrist told me it does.” Answer: No

Tracey: “Why are y’all going to your optometrist and dermatologist for nutrition advice?!??”


5 thoughts on “The Three Muscleteers

  1. Mary Pat says:

    As a certified personal trainer I can say that any workout that includes burpees is at least a 3 1/2 and the fact that you have the time and energy to do a workout right now catapults it to an 8. So good job!

  2. Marvin Sperling says:

    WOW what can I say. Tracey you are amazing! I wish I could do 1/00 of what you do. I envy you for your ability to try everything you can. Love you sweety. Weather here for FRI., SAT., SUN., IS RAIN AND ONLY IN 60’S

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