Homeless in San Francisco

It’s like Sleepless in Seattle, but minus the alliteration, and replace Meg Ryan getting mail with Tracey Kaplan not getting mail…because you know, I won’t have an address.

Or, someone you pass on the street might just be a homeless person looking to charge their phone.

Here’s the deal: As it turns out, you have to live in San Francisco so you can interview for a place to live. Twisted, right? I know! But, I’m not worried about it…because it’ll be an ADVENTURE!! And apparently, my friends don’t think I need to worry about it either:

Tiffany: “I can’t believe you are moving to San Francisco! Where are you going to live?!”

Me: “Oh…yea…I have no idea. Hopefully in a place with walls”

Tiffany: “That’s okay! You’re good at things like that!”

Me: “I’m good at…being homeless…um, thanks??”

Tiffany does have a point, though. I am kind of awesome at being homeless. This will actually be my third venture at being homeless!

Homeless Venture # 1: Thailand

I was homeless when I landed in Bangkok in 2008, at 2AM, with NO plans made for where I was going to live! I meant to find a place, but then it stressed me out, so I just said “How crazy and scary could Bangkok possibly be at 2AM, all by myself, with a bunch of luggage?!” My taxi driver may or may not have had to coax me into getting out of his car and onto the street flooded with flashing neon lights. When coaxing me didn’t work (possibly because I could not understand a single thing that man said), he forcily pushed me out. But, I figured it out!

No joke…this is where my taxi dropped me off, at 2AM. Can you understand my hesitation?

After a few days walking around in circles (literally, Bangkok streets are weird and confusing. Also, I think maps are weird and confusing), I rented myself a sweet little studio apartment on the 35th floor of a high-rise, where I would proceed to continuously make the mistake of placing my laundry out to dry on the balcony.

Homeless Venture #2: Dallas

Interestingly enough, I was not homeless when I first moved to Dallas, which is a great segue into comparing the difference with finding a place to live in San Francisco vs. finding a place to live in Dallas:

Senior year of college, Joy, Sreetham, and I left Austin at 8AM one day, arrived in Dallas at 11AM, signed a place by 4PM, and were back home in time for a late dinner. EASY. I literally spent less than 12 hours finding a place to live. I don’t even want to go over the time I’ve already spent emailing people in SF, before realizing I need to live in SF before I can live in SF.

After a year of living in an awesome apartment with an awesome roommate, times-a-changed and since I was on a traveling project for work, I decided to extend my travel to the weekend, and forgo the apartment! For three months, I traveled to St. Louis during the week, and to miscellaneous locations on the weekend, visiting friends, family, and generally couch surfing it up. Once every 4-6 weeks, I would come back to Dallas to trade out my clothes in the 5X10 place I called “home”.

I lived here for 3 months

Then I came to my senses and signed a 12-month lease.

Homeless Venture # 3:

And, here we are. On Oct 30th, I will be in the midst of Homeless in San Francisco. As I mentioned, I am not too worried about this. I only worry that it may be a little hard to look put together at my new job, while I am homeless. No big deal, I’ve heard Google has sleeping pods. I’ve also heard they have food…wait, AND a gym, which means they surely have showers….I can “work late”….and we’re back to Tom Hanks….

‘Nuff said.


6 thoughts on “Homeless in San Francisco

  1. Sweet Pea says:

    You’ll get along GREAT with the homeless people here. They are into adventures and randomly talking to people – two things you excel at. 😉

  2. Bubby says:

    Tracey, there is not a thing you cannot do., I trust you will find a safe place to live. Please do that so we do not have to worry!Love you . Your caring Bubby and Zaidee.

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