The L.A. Crash

Since graduating high school, my Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks have been anything but traditional. From spending Thanksgiving on a Texas ranch to celebrating Christmas on the shores of Indonesia, my holidays are almost  always spent in a new location.

Christmas 2008

This year’s Thanksgiving trip to the grandeur Los Angeles was the antithesis of a traditional Thanksgiving. Ugly sweaters were replaced with high heels, lounging on the couch was replaced with dancing on the bar, and yams and turkey were…definitely still there. I’m not an alien.

My life partner, Sreetham, and I moved together from Austin (college) to Dallas (job 1) to California (job 2). In an effort to consistently maintain pace with Sreetham, I booked a Thanksgiving trip to visit him in Gay LA.

Sree & T 4 eva

Here’s how our antithesis T-day went down:

Go BIG and Go home

I began drinking on the plane. I landed at 8pm. We were at The Abbey nightclub by 10pm. I spilled a drink all over the girl I was chatting up by 11pm. I missed the step (why would you put a step in a dark nightclub) and face planted by midnight. I made a best friend (whatever his name is) by 12:30. I snuck into bar #2 (cover charge? no thanks) by 12:45. I’m over it by 1am. I’m home by 1:30am. Go big AND go home.

Configuring the Blender, Friendsgiving & More

Upon waking up from night 1, Sreetham and I spent at least 25 minutes trying to figure out how to work his blender. After the epiphany (aha! You have to lock it shut), we make our smoothies, celebrate the success by drinking said smoothies, and head for a hike up Giffard Park. After our hike, we warm up our stomaches for Friendsgiving dinner by eating an Indian buffet for lunch.

We work off our Indian buffet by watching Glee and cooking a green bean casserole. We arrive at Friendsgiving after an amazing feat of parallel parking, co-created by Sreetham & Tracey, only taking 6 tries and 20 minutes! Go us!

We celebrate Thanksgiving with some ridiculously good looking L.A. models and actresses, at least 5 dogs….and yams and marshmallows. It was everything I could want and more…minus the annoying football game in the background.

This is considered a main entrée, not a dessert….best decision ever.

The L.A. Crash

The next day, Sreetham and I work off the double helpings of pie by fueling up (I nix the idea of pie for breakfast…better not) and hiking up Runyon Canyon. I briefly lead us astray, but we make it back to his apartment in time for a second helping of Thanksgiving leftovers, and an episode of Law & Order: SVU (the only L&O worth it’s weight).

I then have an unprecedented moment….I nap. For almost 2 hours. I never nap….and that, my friends, is the effect of the L.A. Crash.

Asian Food & Dancing

After a fabulous dinner at my favorite type of dining establishment (sketchy Asian), Sreetham and his boys, plus my Paris dancing partner, Joe and EP sistah, Sarah, head to West Hollywood to once again, paint the town red.

We head to lesbian night at a local club, where we all guffaw at the $10 cover charge. Luckily, my lesbian attracting red dress grants the group free entrance, and we head straight to the bar, where we all double fist it. We dance the night away. I don’t fall, and only one person spills a drink. Major success.

The Beach

“Nuff said.

After the beach, Sreetham, his LA crew of AJ, Chris, Brandon and myself enjoy a fun evening in, eating junk food and watching Clueless. GAY LA.



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