Every Dog Has His Day

And every human has their day of utter fails, blindsided by a series of unfortunate events.

It all began with a martini at a partner dinner in the city Monday night. It ended 5 martinis later, with a commitment to a pretty girl: “Sure, I’d LOVE to workout with you and the partner in the morning”. Closely adhering to my “never bail” policy, I woke up several hours after that last martini, to fulfill my promise.

Instead of my normal, cozy wi-fi enabled shuttle ride to Mountain View, a Google sponsored spin class, and a fulfilling breakfast, I found myself taking public transit (no wi-fi, so lame) to the financial district, trapped in a tiny hotel gym without food, and then smashed into a back seat (albeit, with good company) on a non wi-fi enabled car ride to MTV. I show up to work just in time for my 10:30 call, but definitely not with enough time to pee. The mood for the rest of the day has been set, and it was not going to get any better.

Other things that happened that day

  • Laboring over how to decipher a coworker’s email, continuously marking it as “unread” for a later read, when I can understand what words mean.
  • I finally understand the email! I spend 45 minutes working on the necessary action item.
  • I ping my coworker to ask a totally separate question, which turns out to require the exact same action item as the first email; all I had to do was press the “Send” button.
  • Dropping my computer.
  • Not doing my laundry.
  • Renting a car to drive 30 minutes to a Korean restaurant in a different city, for dinner. The restaurant is closed the first Tuesday of every month. Yesterday was the first Tuesday of the month. SERIOUSLY?
  • Leaving my  roommate’s (preemptively borrowed, not stolen) water bottle in the rented car, after my coworker specifically asks “Did you leave anything in the car?” “Nope, I’m good!”, before locking it.
  • Walking a mile in the wrong direction on the way home, before I realized what was happening. In the rain.

The day’s events really culminated for me when the random bus driver took one look at me at the end of the day and said “You need to slow down”.

And slow it down I shall. Tomorrow. Today’s kind of busy.


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