Hipster Housewarming

“How did the hipster burn his mouth? 
He drank the coffee before it was cool.”

Just like the hipster fish that crossed the road because the river was too main stream, we yuppy Googlers dressed in our best hipster outfits and listened to obscure bands none of us had heard of (such as the Backstreet Boys), to celebrate the new crib.

Although I was still in bed by 1AM, I would say this housewarming party was a major success over my Dallas going away party for one very important reason:

  • I did not wake up naked in my closet at 7AM.

The Year of Progress.

Other things that happened at the party:

  • I got a short haircut. 
  • I got a tattoo.
  • The tattoo was fake. So I feel good about my life decisions.
  • Made some calendar invites.
  • Made a new best friend…Melissa Marissa. Matilda?

Things that happened after the party:

  • Woke up next to a fun girl (thanks for living in East Bay, Saloni!)
  • Swiffered my apartment. Used the wrong side of the mopping pad.
  • Ate Thai food.
  • Swiffered again. With the correct side of the mopping pad.
  • Got text that read ” Holly it’s Melissa from yesterday. I’m going to MTV tomorrow to swim at NASA. You’re welcome to join”….??

Accomplishments. Accomplishments and progress.


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