Is that an opp? Are you going to take it?

The transition from consulting, to sales, has been …an interesting experience.

The closest I got to selling something in my consulting experience was selling myself on that 6AM flight to Saint Louis, Misery in December. Also, that one time the client pulled out an invoice while we were in a meeting, and asked me why I was so expensive. But, I just quoted L’Oreal and called it a day.

In consulting, we shied away from additional projects, b/c it meant MORE work. If an email came in from client with requests, we’d all suddenly have to go on a 4 hour lunch. First to respond? Sucker.

In Sales, if an opportunity comes in the form of a sellable prospect, the fight for ownership is like that one scene out of Mean Girls.

Let’s tell this story in pictures:


Technically…technically…his left hoof is in my territory…so I’m just going to take this one from you…I know you’ve been stalking him for 3 weeks, but…ya


Nah, I’m good on eating for the week


How I feel about my prospects


How I felt about the client


(1 hour later)


(but at least I’m consistent)

And, more of my favorite internet memes, from Tumblr:

Getting new quota for the quarter

When I’m leaving a rambling VM

When I tell the prospect the answer 8 times and they don’t believe me. When the Sales Engineer tells them once, they exclaim “Oh! That makes sense”

Maybe Marketing is accepting applicants?


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