Life Mottos

Interwoven throughout the themes of my blog posts are a few of the following life mottos. Let’s talk about these:

Go Big AND Go home

My take on the popular “Go big or stay home” mantra, which I also live by. I either take a rapid succession of shots while painting the town red, or I stay home and paint my toenails red.

The latest and greatest version, “Go big AND go home” means I can both paint the town AND my toenails red, all while hitting the sack before 1AM. This typically involves meeting my friends at the bar,  informing them I “need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back” around midnight, and instead slipping out the back door and catching a cab home before anyone figures out what happened!

Rules are meant to be broken

Rules suck. Breaking them happens. Also, see: Know just enough of the rules to play the game.

Know just enough of the rules to play the game.

Tennis is complicated. Scoring is weird. There are lines, boundaries, scores without numbers, and let’s not even talk about a doubles match. Here’s what you really need to know about tennis: The ball can only bounce once, and must go over the net, yet stay within the court. Done. Go have fun.

Always ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

This is clutch, especially if you want to adhere to the previous life motto, “Rules are meant to be broken”. If you ask for permission, you will almost always get rejected. If you do what you wanted to do, get caught (already unlikely), then ask for forgiveness, you have a better shot at success. So just do it.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Want to volunteer for that early work shift? You’ll spill coffee all over your laptop.

Want to invite that person who is new to town to your friend’s party? Your friend and the new person used to date. It ended in a fiery supernova explosion.

Want to help the old lady across the street? She’ll blow her rape whistle and things will get very awkward.

Early bird gets the worm. But the early worm gets eaten.

Actually, I always wake up early, so just try to be the bird and not the worm.

Never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That way, you’re a mile away, and you’ve got their shoes!

Stealing shoes. Be sure not to ask for permission…

Fend For Yourself Friday

The new version of Thank Goodness It’s Friday.

Let’s Get This Over With

Many of my adventures start off very well, and end many hours later with the phrase, “Let’s get this over with”. These moments typically involve Whitney Yang and poor life decisions.

Case in point: In an exploratory hike last weekend, I found a 10km trail head. This weekend, Whitney and I set off to conquer that trail. When we arrive, I realize my mistake:

Me: “Ooh, this hike is 10 miles, not kilometers. My mistake! ”

Whitney: “Hahaha, that’s okay! Let’s do it!”

Several hours and no lunch later, we begin the last leg across the Golden Gate Bridge, to which Whitney and I simultaneously explain “Let’s get this over with!”

It’s either a good time or a good story

If it wasn’t for crazy, awkward, and/or weird experiences, I would not have a blog.


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