Yosemite National Park

After a successful trip to Yellowstone last fall, the ‘ol Sense Corp gang Kaptrow Viddilus met up for the 2nd annual National Park trip that starts with a Y by taking the minivan to Yosemite, arguably one of the most beautiful parks (with the most challenging climbs) in the US.

The highlights, with an emphasis on pics vs. words:

  • The 8am to 8pm, 16.4 mile hike to Half-Dome. Singing “This is the trail that never ends” all along the way.

The view of Half Dome from afar

  • Conquering Half Dome

The most fun part of the entire hike, the infamous Cables

Made it to the top!

  • Taking a picture of the wrong girl at the Top of Half Dome. Went a little something like this:
Brittany: Will you take my photo?
Me: “Sure” (climb over to the other side  for best angle)
Me: (start snapping photos): “Okay, new pose!”
Girl in same shirt as Brittany: “Can you get a picture with Alvin (pulls out her stuffed animal friend)?
Me: “Huh? Who’s Alvin?” OMG, you are not Brittany…I am so sorry! I promise I am not being a creeper!
  • Many, many peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  • Meeting the girls who were hiking the 221 mile John Muir trail from Half Dome to Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental US…with backpacks weighing 50% of their weight.
  • Coming across this rainbow:

Pot ‘o gold and little green lad on the other side

  • A bear scurrying past us on the trail!
  • Making very significant progress on the 5th book of Game of Thrones. From 46% done in 8 months to 60% in 3 days!
  • Blazing our own trail on Upper Yosemite Falls. This involved a run in with a snake and sending a boulder tumbling down the mountainside, which then sent us scurrying back to the trail.

Back on the trail!

  • Frolicking at the top of the waterfall, in very cold mountain water.

We made it!…now to go down

  • Meeting our Polish/German friends on the way down and spontaneously adventuring to a swinging bridge with them.

We are currently scouting national parks that begin with a Y for the 3rd annual Kaptrow Viddilus adventure. Spoiler alert: Alaska.


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