Bumps in the ‘Burbs

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed a break from big city life. I ran into my colleague, Courtney, at work and casually mentioned if she ever needed a house/dogsitter, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Background: Courtney lives 89% closer to work than I do, and she owns this dog:

This is the puppy version of him, but still....cutest little dude I know

This is the puppy version of him, but still….cutest little dude I know

Courtney replied: “Careful what you wish for…my brother’s wedding is in Washington in a few weeks and I was going to board Gibbs…” to which I immediately thought: “Wishes do come true!”

Now here I am, living the life of a suburban mom and absolutely lovin it. Here’s what has happened this weekend:

  • I drove a car to and from work! Like a real person!
  • I cooked like, 3 meals.
  • I got home at 6pm on a Thursday. It was a glorious 3 hours back in my night in which I sat on my computer and continued working. But, hey I was at home (not my home, but a home, which counts) and having a glass of wine with an adorable pup by my side so…sort of winning!
  • I doubted whether I had closed the garage door.
  • I doubted whether I had locked the front door.
  • I doubted if I had turned off the coffee machine.
  • I had done all 3!
    • Except for the coffee machine, b/c turns out it was too fancy for me to figure out how it worked.
  • Had a girls sleepover where we painted our nails (and Gibbs’ one blonde nail) and promptly fell asleep by 11pm.

I also took Gibbs, Courtney’s dog (who I am currently conspiring to make my dog by telepathically incurring dog allergies to her next in kin), to Santa Cruz, for the Googler’s 3rd beach volleyball tournament!

Gibbs loved the attention and the Volleyballas loved him!

Gibbs cried whenever I missed a shot (expressing my true emotions even when outwardly I said “Oh ya, great serve…nice spike…nice uh, over the net thing you did there”), ran onto the court whenever I was playing, and even saved me from the big bad ocean waves (until he got knocked over by a big wave in which I saw his thought process: “Oh my god, you’re getting swallowed by some weird cold blue stuff! I will save you! Here I come! I’m dog paddling to you and really hating this, but I love you and want to bring you back to your senses. Ahh, there’s a big weird cold stuff coming! Ah, it tastes horrible and I can’t breathe! SQUIRREL? You’re on your own, human…I’m outta here…squirrel!”)

Gibbs loving/hating the ocean

Gibbs loving/hating the ocean

Other fun things that happened while bumping, setting and spiking in the burbs:

  • Kerri Walsh “liked” our fb photo from the volleyball tournament!
  • My volleyball partner and I won runners up in the 2nd runners up division of the volleyball tournament…Rio 2016, here we come!
  • Gibbs got a bath! He was not a fan.
  • Before Courtney left me with the keys, she offhandedly mentioned “there is a 3 gallon tub of cookies ‘n cream ice cream…we’d really appreciate it if you could polish that off….and I’d be really impressed” to which I thought “Challenge ACCEPTED!”
SO close!

SO close!


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