Better in Theory

Some things in life sound great. For example, “Let’s do brunch!” sounds like a lot of fun on Tuesday afternoon. Cue to Sunday morning at 8am.  You’re scheduled to have brunch at 10:30. You’re hungry. Should you wait 3 hours for brunch or eat breakfast #1 now and then brunch? You want to workout, but do you really have time? Argh, you look up directions and realize the brunch spot is across town.  And, you really must put on pants. #BetterinTheory.

Today, I added another item to my “Better in Theory” list. It all started with a sweet gesture…

Receiving Flowers At Work

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Playing with Dogs of Various Sizes

Allow me to explain: My friend was dog sitting these two very sweet animals, who live together but generally in different rooms. They got into same room. Pitbull grabs terrier by the neck and begins thrashing. Everyone freaks out. My friend sticks her hand between the pitbull’s mouth and terrier’s neck. We go to the ER. Every human and animal is now fine.

Rolling Over Your 401k I knew this was going to be trouble from the first interaction:

I email HR of my former company to ask for the forms. Reply: “Contact our contact at Edward Jones”.

I email our contact at Edward Jones. He forwards email to his colleague. She responds: “Contact your HR rep”.

I call the colleague. She directs me to Mass Mutual (?!??). Mass Mutual directs me to HR of my former company.

I contact custodian of current 401k plan to ask if they’d like to help me give them my money. They tell me to contact my former custodian, Edward Jones. They also send me forms, b/c eventually forms will need to be filled out. By Edward Jones/Mass Mutual/HR/me.

This was all within the first few hours of the endeavor.

20+ emails, 10+ phone calls, and many many documents and weeks later, I have successfully rolled over my 401k. $$$!!!!!@@@

Celebrating birthdays

We all know I woke up in a heap on the floor with my bicycle on my 21st birthday and naked in my closet at 7am after my 24th birthday (/my going away celebration, but for the sake of this…it was my 24th birthday).

This week marked Google’s 15th birthday (happy birthday, Google!!), and the company sponsored many events featuring the number 15. We did a 15 minute volleyball tournament, a 15k race, a 15 lap swim relay and a 15 station obstacle course. We missed the obstacle portion of the obstacle course because we got there too late. We also could not for the life of us figure out the last station: a word scramble. Our only hint: “It’s a phrase”. Here’s what we came up with:

We Scramble-ed it.

We Scrabble-ed the Scramble.

Networking 2 to Wick. Made perfect sense to us.

The correct answer? Guess in the comments sections below!


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