Kum to Arkansas & Go Home.

It took me 5 minutes to get through airport security. Even with a sprained ankle. The airport is immaculately clean; likely because no one comes through here. The airport is Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, and it’s located in between Kum & Go, the local chain of gas stations (what board members sat in a room and came up with that name?) and a field where cows and horses roam.

You may asking yourself what I am doing at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. I asked myself the same question a few times, throughout the weekend. One reason: HS reunion, via a wedding. My best friend, Mitra and I were quite excited for our grand weekend reunion in Arkansas. We were going to run, hike, kayak, explore the wilderness of Arkansas, and of course, reunite with our HS best friend, the bride-to-be, Martina. Well, none of that happened b/c Mitra bailed last-minute, due to illness. Rude. So rude of her illness timing. What really happened was me alone in a hotel room in Bentonville, Arkansas. And, I didn’t hate it! I caught up on sleep, Hulu, McD’s ice cream cones, some Tracey time in the woods, and bonded with Martina’s lovely college and work friends.

A few noteworthy things about this weekend:

-I went to a museum

Art. I could have done that. Especially if I had a ruler.

-Everyone thought I was famous, because I worked for Google. I knew only the bride, yet everyone seemed to know me (thanks, Chelsea!). “Oh, the person who invented search? Yea, that’s basically me…I sell/invented gmail…so, you’re welcome for that”.

– I was dancing with one of the fine Southern gentlemen at the wedding. The convo went a little something like this:

“You said you don’t work at Wal-mart?”

“Right…I work for {insert company name}, as a chicken specialist. I studied poultry science in college”

“Oh! I didn’t know that was a thing…what does that entail?”

“The study of chickens”

“Cool. Like, the breeding of chickens?”

“Yes, amongst other things.”

“Maybe…studying…the hatching of…the eggs?”


“Cool….I like this song. Do you like this song?”

“Yes. Do you know how to 2 step?”

“Not really…”



Then I requested the band play Miley Cyrus, and the convo went like this:

“Does anyone want to request a song?”

“Yes! Me! I do! Can you play Miley Cyrus?!”

“Hmm….I don’t know her songs. I can play Billy Rae Cyrus!”

“Uh, no, that is not the same thing.”

“Sweet Home Alabama?”

“Getting closer…”

“Katy Perry?”


He ended up playing a really sad slow song of Katy Perry, even though I requested “I kissed a girl”, but…you know, he tried.

-There was no open bar, therefore I did not crash the rental car, a la Jill’s wedding.

The wedding ended at 9pm (perrrrfect!); I ignored all phone calls and door knocks at the hotel in lieu of watching a movie and being asleep before midnight.

The next day, I went to Devil’s Den in search of caves and hikes through the woods. In my typical graceless fashion, I tripped and sprained my ankle walking to the 2nd trail head, and hobbled along for the next few miles, determined to see the caves! I then hobbled along downtown Fayetteville, determined there was absolutely nothing to see, had an ice cream cone and decided the best place for me to go was the airport.

And that is how I came to have a sprained ankle at the immaculately clean and hopelessly empty place that is the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.

Sidenote to Martina: May your life be filled with happiness; congrats on the marriage! Love you, guuurlfriend!


3 thoughts on “Kum to Arkansas & Go Home.

  1. Whitney says:

    McD’s ice cream cones! Oh how I miss thee. I studied chickens in college too, I think we were in the same class. Or might have been finance. I get those classes mixed up.

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