This is Africa Part 1: Cruisin’ the Capes

Beware of Baboons. If there is one thing I have learned from my 2 days in Cape Town, South Africa, that would be it.

These warnings are everywhere

These warnings are everywhere.

Really, they are dangerous. Believe us.

But look at that little face!

Other things I have learned, while cruising through Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point:

  • How to drive stick…while driving on the opposite side of the road…while in a foreign country.
  • Amanda plans to do a lot of things “next time”.
    • “Oh, it’s such a bummer we don’t have time for that hike!” “Next time!”
    • “I wish we were staying in that mansion on the beach.” “Next time!”
  • I’m skittish around animals making sharp movements.
    • A bird literally stole my lunch right out of my hands. Not only did I let the bird do it, I jumped up and smacked my knee into a metal pole.
    • A baboon walked up behind me. I freaked out.
    • A newt moved quickly. I freaked out.
    • …should be an interesting safari

This didn’t freak me out, because they were in front of me.

  • Nikki learned that safari we paid hundreds of dollars for is actually a 4 day safari and not just one day! Happy times!
  • We all learned  we had no idea what our trip was really about. Is it a 4 day safari or a 3 day safari? Are we shark diving tomorrow or next week? Wait, did we rent a car? What DAY IS IT?!
  • Africa is beautiful

Cape Point

We did rent a car and tomorrow we plan to pet some cheetahs, drink some wine (maybe at the same time…#livingontheedge) and further explore South Africa. Then, we go diving with great white sharks and head to Johannesburg for a 4 day safari to spot Africa’s Big 5: leopards, elephants, lions, buffalo, and rhino.



One thought on “This is Africa Part 1: Cruisin’ the Capes

  1. Jennifer says:

    girl. i totally failed at communicating with you about this trip, but it’s super expensive for me to get to SA anyway. i hope you have a great time!! i haven’t been on a safari yet. seems like something i should do.

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