Best Day Ever

Thursday, Dec 19th will go down as the best work day ever.

It all started with a 4am wake-up call (the early bird really does get the worm!). I popped out of my REM cycle at 4am sharp, thinking it was at least 6 or 7am; past my normal wake-up time. Groaning at my body’s refusal to sleep, I half-heartedly attempt to re-enter REM, knowing how slim the possibility is. 30 unsuccessful minutes later, I decide to get out of bed and make something of myself. I throw on some running clothes, dash out the door and sprint down the road until I hit the bay. I then stride along the beach, path aglow by the stars and shimmering lights of the Golden Gate Bridge. 35 minutes and 5 miles later, I hop in the shower, leisurely get ready and catch the first 6:20am shuttle to work.


Immediately upon landing at work, I have a very fruitful and easy conversation with a non profit whom I heroically advise to sign up for Google Apps for Nonprofit (yours free!) Obviously, I recommend she sign up for a few months of Google Apps for Business & Vault (yours free with $19.99 S&H!) while she awaits the status of the Nonprofit application, but still…heroic when you’re at 50% of quota attainment.

I then proceed to make it rain (in $.05 increments) by calling all my (way too small) accounts to offer EOY incentives. You get an EOY incentive….you get an EOY incentive…EVERYONE gets an EOY incentive!!

Oprah would be proud of my EOY giveaways

After a busy morning chock full of back-to-back calls, I head to Main campus (ions away/3 miles), where Google’s creme de la crop of engineers sit…as well as our finest executives. I meet with two new friends in the “secret” and arguably finest cafe at Google, where the Google execs reportedly dine. We have an amazing salmon dish and then three deserts; who can say no to almond chocolate truffles, apple pie ice cream, and chocolate tiramisu? Not me! As I am cleaning my dishes, who do I run into but Larry Page!! Larry Page, y’all! Isn’t he like the richest man in the world? Or most powerful? It was like seeing Obama. I cooly said “Hey Larry” as if we were old pals, as I went in for my 4th desert. Just kidding…I gaped at him and then almost tripped over the person in line next to me.

I ride the slide down to the bottom floor of the office, hop in a car and jet back to the Quad, where Google’s creme de la crop of Salespeople sit…including yours truly.

Home sweet home. #TheQuad

I arrive at my desk, where 6 DVDs are awaiting me (thanks Alina for picking up DVDs from the mobile library) and my brand new MotoX (which I promptly drop 20 minutes after getting it)! I am then greeted by Gibbs, the main man in my life (see below and ’nuff said)

Not a puppy anymore but still oh so adorable

Not a puppy anymore but still oh-so adorable

I send some emails, call some peeps, and head into an interview for an open Sales position, managing larger accounts.. In the interview, we discuss two different and equally exciting opportunities available: the Sales position and a 6 month rotation to lead a vendor team in El Salvador! I had done a series of interviews for the El Salvador position the day before and was anxiously awaiting the outcome.

After the interview, I check my email and see the Director of Talent Acquisition of Walmart had emailed me with a very positive “We’d like to explore next steps in sponsoring the Lesbians Who Tech Summit” message!

Context: A few months ago, I heard Google’s Diversity team was allocating extra money to Employee Resource Groups and quickly  partnered with a startup in San Francisco to pitch the first ever Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco in Feb 2014. I banded a group of Gayglers together, pitched the idea to the Google Diversity team, and were awarded $25,000 to make the dream a reality! We have since begun working on bringing other Silicon Valley companies on board, and Walmart’s e-Commerce org is on my radar. After responding to Walmart’s email with a proposal for a $15,000 sponsorship package, I finish up my work for the day and head home.

1 hour into the 2 hour shuttle ride home (the only caveat to the Best Day Ever), I get a ping from my manager that reads: “K59 is an amazing surf hotel in el Salvador. You should visit it when you’re down there.”

SHUT UP. Is exactly how I respond. Then a series of “WHAATTTS” and “OMG, are you serious!?!”, to which I am sure my manager second guesses the group’s decision to give the job to this very articulate person.

The hiring manager then gives me a call to congratulate me, and I am so elated I fly through the remaining commute. Until my friend and fellow Gaygler emails me to say “You should apply to come to India with the Gayglers”. I open the email and find that my friend, who also pitched an idea to receive budget from the Diversity team, received budget to send a handful of Gayglers to India for a week to participate in Pride events, and show support for the office (which is even more important now given the fact LGBT decriminalization was recently overturned). Amazing endeavor!

I apply for the event just in time to land in San Francisco. I spend the rest of the evening eating pumpkin pie and watching the latest season of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Best. Day. Ever. #Cloud9


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