El Salvador

A few weeks ago, I interviewed for and accepted a 6 month job rotation, managing our vendor team in El Salvador. I spent the last week on-site, and without further adieu, here are…

Things I learned while in El Salvador:

  • How to say “hell ya” and “suck it up” in Salvadorian slang. Also, fork.
  • Managing people is a mix of psychology and spreadsheets
  • I love Leah (my co-lead and partner in crime). Why? Because I can ask her the same question 3 times in 90 seconds and she’ll patiently answer it each time. Also, because we both think Josh needs to sit in the back seat.
  • People eat dinner at 9pm. Ugh. I hate it.
  • When you send an Italian man to order lunch for himself in Spanish, he comes back with an entire pizza and 4 glasses of water. #classic
  • Don’t get used to having a personal driver. The minute you land in San Francisco, it’s back to the Muni.
  • In the El Salvador International Airport, you are a drug smuggler until proven otherwise.
  • In the El Salvador International Airport, they take your water and lotions away right before you get onto the plane. “If you’re going to smuggle drugs out of our country, at least you won’t be comfortable doing it! #mwahaha”
  • In the San Francisco International Airport, you will be randomly selected for a secondary security check, once they see you have traveled in from El Salvador.

View from hotel!

My next time in El Salvador will definitely be sandwiched in between a weekend trip. However, that will have to wait.

In 2 weeks, I will be heading to India! Why to India, you may be wondering? Typically I would answer that with “Why not?”, but this time I actually have a reason: to congregate with my fellow Gayglers and lend our support in light of the recent LGBT discrimination in India. Week 1 will be spent in Hyderabad, getting to know our Gaygler counterparts in India and globally. Week 2 will be spent getting weird in India, local: unknown.

Things I learned in India: Coming to a blog near you.


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