Copa Copacabannna, Brazil

After a week visiting our newly launched vendor site in Sao Paulo, Brazil, my work partner in crime Leah and I decide to end our trip with a quick weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

I haven’t slept in ~40 hours, so this is going be a simple blog while I attempt to not go to bed at 6pm.


  • Meeting up with Brazilian Google friends and meeting the lovely vendor team!
  • Seeing that Christ thing


Selfie in front of Christ the Redeemer!

View from Christ the Redeemer

  • Cutting a line hundreds deep by pretending I belonged with a French tour group, to see that Christ thing
  • Playing beach volleyball on a warm sunny day in Rio, when forecast called for rain!

  • Visiting the place songs are made of

Copa Copacabannnnnaa!

Nailed it…on the 18th try

  • Beating the game of Tinder! Rio, done and done.


  • Waiting in a line.
  • Not understanding anything my volleyball partner was saying, and wanting to yell at him for not setting balls, but having no idea how to say that in Portuguese.
  • Generally not understanding anything anyone was saying.
  • Taking great selfies but failing to catch the background

I promise Christ is behind us

  • International flight home with no individual screens. I sat down on that 10 hour flight and could only think one thing “This is going to be a long flight”
    • The selection for the shared screen was the Muppets Movie…why oh why

For all the things we didn’t get to….next time!


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