Dublin (Ireland, not CA)

After a fabulous and warm weekend in Palm Springs, I immediately boarded a flight to Dublin, Ireland where I would spend the next 3 months working at our European hub.

The first thing I did upon unpacking was hit up my roommate and fellow Googler on rotation, Lisa, to ask if she wanted to get food. She asked if I wanted to go out or get Google dinner. Free food, obvs…in the lovely Google Dublin office…

After dinner I promptly fell asleep and then promptly woke up…at midnight, ready for my first day of work! This has been the case for the last 3 nights, and I simply think I will never sleep through the night again.

Enter my first day at work, where I:

a) Discover breakfast is super weird. There are no eggs! And some weird potato biscuit situation. And bacon is a slab of ham…it’s not the same!

b) Meet my lovely team

Not actually my team…just a team I stumbled upon who had a bake-off! #tiramisu

c) Start a doc of all the hilarious Irish sayings they have (ex: “Are you mental?” means “Are you super busy?”)

d) Spend most of the day copy/pasting a spreadsheet, trying not to freak out that I’ve gone back to intern status.

During lunch, I buy a bike…I waste no time! The girl selling me the bike brings along a bag of bike paraphernalia, such as a bright best, lock, pump, and a…shower cap?! As I’m laughing that she accidentally put a shower cap in the bag, she says “Oh, and that’s a rain cover for your seat”.

Whoops. I definitely would have gone home and showered with it, if she had said nothing.

After work, myself and two of the other folks on rotation walk 5 miles to Sandymount Beach , which made my legs quite sore. #Didn’tIjustbuyabike?



At 2am, aka 6pm PST, my friends start messaging me about my very intellectual (note: sarcasm) quote in  Cosmopolitan, adding it to my very intellectual quotes in Fortune and NYT. Either way, messaging my friends in the middle of the sleepless night made me a touch homesick….miss you, California!!

The next day, my former Mountain View colleague, who now lives in Switzerland, emailed me a question about my Gaygler involvement. 20 minutes later, I had a trip booked to Switzerland (end of April!)…to you know, answer her question in person. I also booked a manual car while in Switzerland, which I ~60% know how to drive after some lessons last fall ( I drove across the bay bridge, sweating the entire time)…fingers crossed!

Thus far, I have booked a trip to Northern Ireland (this weekend; first time driving on opposite side of road!), Switzerland, Portugal, and Iceland. With many Irish seaside villages and cliffs to explore in between the international travel.

After work, the group of rotation folks and I head to a Literary Pub Crawl, where we learn some stuff and drink some beers.

Besides the total lack of sleep (don’t worry, I’ve taken the first step in solving this problem with some aluminum foil and duct tape), my first few days in Dublin have been lovely and brilliant.

Way too much light was getting into my room

Way too much light was getting into my room

I’ve mispronounced a ton of Irish names, but not as bad as these people:

Until next time! Cheers!



2 thoughts on “Dublin (Ireland, not CA)

  1. Joy P says:

    Traceface – I dont know how I missed that you were moving to Dublin… I’m guessing you’re back already by now… But so happy to see your adventures and can’t wait to see you in person again soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ❤

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