Lisbon and Lagos, Portugal

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The adventure all began when Susie surprises me with a box of Lucky Charms…and a ticket to Dublin, Ireland. #cereal-slyawesome

Then she shows up in Dublin. We eat bangers and mash, drink Guinness, and run around in the rain.

St Stephens Parl

St Stephens Park

Susie, as unimpressed as Oscar Wilde

Susie, as unimpressed as Oscar Wilde

We also make this video to support the Vote Yes campaign for marriage equality in Ireland.

After we save marriage equality, we go to Portugal for sunshine and relaxation! Or, so we thought…



Upon landing in Lisbon, we immediately meet 2 Googlers, share a cab to the city, and then never see them again. Good story.

In honor of Taylor (my swift scooter back home), Susie and I rent a scooter, and I find myself in the most challenging driving situation I’ve ever faced: small streets, massive hills, uneven cobblestone, trolley tracks, and a passenger.

T Swift Junior!

T Swift Junior!

Miraculously (and despite Susie clutching me for dear life), we survive and celebrate by having the best meal ever. Seriously it was so good. My Portuguese friend Teresa recommended a small restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese food and I can’t tell you what we ate and we have no pictures but we were SO happy…even worth the 1 hour wait!

But here! I have a picture of the restaurant!

But here! I have a picture of the restaurant!

We also visited forts and castles and such:

Then I pulled Susie into the Orphan is the new Black abyss. ORPHAN BLACK, aka the best show I recently discovered; check it out, you won’t regret it. It’s home to possibly the best actress ever to exist (excluding Lucille Ball).

As we’re attempting to leave Lisbon, Susie and I separately live through our audition for the Amazing Race. It involves getting separated, changing currencies, getting gas, not remembering where I am supposed to pick Susie up, dropping off scooter, picking up a car, driving a stick up hills while texting Susie and simultaneously navigating foreign roads, Susie’s luggage breaking…and me discovering my rental car has a 6th gear! WHAT up fast and furious.

Oh my god, then Susie and I get incredibly lost trying to cross #nottheGGP

We cross #nottheGGP, then 40 minutes in we think to ourselves, “wait, why is there no ocean here?” Damn it, we got on the wrong highway! Basically, we got on the 101 and not the 1. 

Our luck turns around when we stop at a gas station for a snack and discover this traditional Portuguese custard tart that is ….heavenly. Delizya!  

The rest of the road trip was learning my new fav song…

 We eventually make it to the Algarve (south of Portugal, aka land of beaches), meet our host, Monica, and her 18 million cats, none of which are friendly and I am allergic to at least 1 of them.

We immediately change into our bikinis and go the nearby private, praia de beijihnos. Beach of little kisses…how adorable is that?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For dinner, I try to be local and order snails, which are so gross even the stray dog wont eat it. Really, she wouldn’t.

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?

Outside of the snails, the dinner was #edible…I learned how to say luggage in Portuguese which I thought was very sexy…bagagem!

The next day, we went to Spain (unintentionally)…just drove right over. Hola! 10 minutes later, adios!

Half Portugal, half Spain

At the end of the day, we visited 3 Portuguese beaches….plus 1 Spanish river. One of the beaches was so nice we visited it twice…but actually we were trapped b/c a bike race closed the roads. 

During the beach road trip, I get (much too) comfortable with nudity.

Susie and I make the best purchase…

We of course get lost annd learn there is a toll every 5 minutes (which doesn’t help when you’re getting lost)…heads up, bring your fast pass to Portugal! Also, there are roundabouts EVERYWHERE except where you need them…when you miss a turn on the highway and then have to go 10k out of your way before you can turn around.

The following day we drive back to Lisbon via the coastal route. We go to:


Sagres, the southern most tip of Portugal

5 other beaches we don’t recall the names of.

We have a bountiful lunch of sheep cheese (delizya!), and rapidly finish our road trip to make it to Sintra, the most lovely and magical village where a palace is in the forest and basically it’s a  fairytale.


Waiting for Snow White and the 7 dwarves to pop out

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Very well done, Portugal. You would have scored higher if there were more kebab restaurants near the beach.


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