I want “Moher” Cliffs!

Co-written by Steph Wells and Tracey Kaplan

After our jaunt around Iceland, we hopped over to Ireland which turned out to be the debut WOW airlines KEF-DUB flight.  They served CAKE! At 6am. We, of course, ate it. After we had just eaten all the chocolate from the duty free store to spend the rest of our kroner.

CAKE for breakfast!!

CAKE for breakfast!!

A few hours later, we land in Dublin, and to work we go! Steph sets up shop in her nook. Conveniently located next to the MK….aka Microkitchen…aka where all the Google snacks are. I’m usually not much a snacker, but everything was just so irresistible… an endless supply of deliciousness!

Steph's nook

Steph’s nook

A few of Steph's favorite MK snacks

A few of Steph’s favorite MK snacks

The first evening after work we have dinner at Google and I call into a few meetings back in SF before  → ….bed? I make you watch Homeland? We attempt to blog? WHAT did we do? we literally just went to sleep… super uneventful.  Oh okay, moving on…

The second evening in Dublin I find an extra bike for Steph, and off to bike 20k to Howth we go!

*Note: After much effort to find Steph a bike, she decides the bike is too small and makes me ride it.  The bike was literally built for someone 4ft tall.  I would have been better off on a tricycle. And give her my helmet. Which I happily do, b/c it’s Steph. And we all know I absolutely would not have gone on the bike ride without a helmet (you’re welcome, mom). And we all know what a sacrifice that was for me, b/c I care deeply for my personal safety. For those who don’t know… that is Tracey being sarcastic.

I rode this for an hour…

We parked our bikes in town and walked about a mile up to the cliffs and had a little picnic.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL. And the sun was shining and I wished I was wearing sunglasses (this is very rare for Ireland).

Howth, the lovely seaside village just outside Dublin

Howth, the lovely seaside village just outside Dublin

The third night in Dublin, CAROLINE arrives misses her flight from London 😦  Steph and Alix have dinner while I catch up on work. Alix and I walk around Dublin a bit and grab our first pints of Guinness at a very cool pub called “no name bar” that just has a wooden snail instead of a name outside.  I make the mistake of ordering “two Guinnesses” which apparently is facepalm worthy… it should have been “two pints of Guinness.” Dublin is so cute!  I’ve now been out to dinner in Dublin just as many times as Tracey has in her 3 month stay!

The fourth night in Dublin, Caroline really does arrive and we go to the Guinness Factory! We all order student tickets (obviously, mandated by me), skip everything and head straight to the top floor bar.

We have dinner at Brazen Head, which is the oldest pub in Dublin ( it’s been around for 817 years (c. 1198)) – I mandated that everyone order Irish dishes… Caroline had Bangerz and Mash (and acts like a 13 yo boy about it), Alix had fish & chips, Trace had Irish Lamb Stew, and I had Guinness beef stew – so delish.

Oldest pub in Ireland!?

Post dinner, Alix and Caroline go to the bars while Grandma Wells and Grandma Kaplan go home to bed. ..b/c tomorrow is a big day! Early start for #CliffsofMoher

Ah, the glorious Cliffs

Ah, the glorious Cliffs

Shelly and Tym, friends from SF, fly in from London to join us…yay!

First stop on the road trip to Cliffs? Limerick! Which sounds cute, but is actually a bit seedy. But we took a great castle pic:

Inadvertently dressed like a leprechaun

Inadvertently dressed like a leprechaun

Then we make it to the most iconic viewpoint of Ireland: The Cliffs of Moher. Also, it was sunny for us! Sometimes you can’t see the cliffs at all… A picture tells a thousand words:

After the Cliffs, we head to our Airbnb; our host is this sweet woman  WITH A DOG!! named Rosie named Buster!!…. Tracey spent 99% of her stay rubbing his belly while he licked her legs.  #love



Rosie got up early to make us breakfast …once again, of cake. and made the others home made bread which got us all a bit sick 😦 It was very sour.  Oh no!!! 😦 It’s the thought that counts. Well Rosie wrote be the best airbnb review EVER, I think I might have to put her on my list of references if I ever need them again.

The next morning, Steph, Alix, and Caroline leave early for the airport, which makes me very very sad.

Then Tracey was sad Steph was gone.  😥 It’s true.

But not too sad to enjoy this sick view!

But not too sad to enjoy this sick view at Connemara National Park!

I flew back to SF and started watching Orphan Black and I’m now addicted and can’t stop and need an intervention. It’s SO GOOD! Best show. Upon arrival in SF I hopped on my bike in hopes of not passing out before appropriate bedtime.  Success! Also – I beat jet lag both on the way to europe and on the way back.  v proud of myself.  Congrats, Steph!


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