Norway: Love you, but cannot affjord you

I decided to culminate my 3 month European stint by hiking the Trolltunga fjord in Norway, to recreate this popular Google image:

Sometimes the journey is half the destination. In this case, we flew into Oslo and then drove 9 hours to arrive at our AirBnB. Along the way, we discovered Norway has a plethora of kebab stands (but no vegetarian options!), burgers are $25, and beautiful views are EVERYWHERE.

Casual photo taken behind the grocery store

Casual photo taken behind the grocery store

After arriving at our AirBnB at 2am, we decide to get a proper night’s rest in preparation for the 22k hike that is Trolltunga. Before even arriving at the base of Trolltunga, we bump into two girls who help us realize how ill prepared we are:

Us: “Did you do the Trolltunga hike?”

Them: “Yes…took us 12 hours.”

Us (look at watch, note 11am): “Hmm, well how was it?”

Them: “Difficult”

Us: “Do you think we’re prepar…”

Them (before we even finish our question): “No.”

The signs confirms we’re not prepared:

Start at 8am. Wear hiking boots. Just suggestions

As do all the people we pass on the way up, who simply say “Turn around now”.

The first kilometer...the only part not through snow

The first kilometer…the only part not through snow

Ali is the first one to drop, followed by the two Romanians we picked up at the base.

And then there were 3.

After the first kilometer, the rest of the trek is entirely through snow.


No filter. Really

Our sneaker cladden feet are soon soaking wet, but we don’t care! Onward and upward we go!

5 hours later, we MAKE IT, and proceed to an epic photo shoot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After #allthephotos, we begin the 6 mile trek through the snow, uphill both ways 😦

But then we discover nature’s slides!!

Then Colm gets stuck up to the hip in snow and we spend some time excavating him…basically we were a scene from 127 hours…good thing we didn’t have a knife on us or we might have gone straight there to avoid icy fingers.

Colm, being the nicest guy ever, befriends a poor Indian man whose friend ditched him on the mountain (and who was very impressed with Norway, as he was under the impression Switzerland was the only beautiful country in the word…his words, not ours). We feed him chocolate and take him home.

When we arrive home at 11pm, our wonderful airbnb hostess Kristine has bought us a bottle of champagne to celebrate the completion of Trolltunga! So we have a midnight toast on her beautiful balcony, because it is STILL light out.

The next morning, we have the same beautiful view with our breakfast

After breakfast, we head to look at a pretty glacier, where it turns out people ski…in the summer!

Also turns out they rent ski tickets by the hour! So Krista and I spontaneously decide to do an hour of skiing.

After skiing, I accidentally drive the car off the road, requiring us to push it out:/ Don’t worry, there’s only a huge dent in the back…I doubt they’ll notice.

The beauty of Norway makes us quickly forget the car troubles:

Lunch with a view!

Lunch with a view!

We then drive past this waterfall, where I meet Una, the Novascotian duck retriever (from Germany, and currently in Norway).

How cute is she?!

How cute is she?!

Oh, and here is the waterfall

Oh, and here is the waterfall

The next day, we explore Oslo and I meet a new bff:

That midnight Norwegian sunset

That midnight Norwegian sunset


The Norwegian Kasha!

Norway: Despite your $25 burgers, I am deeply in love with you. Great way to end my 3 months living in and loving of Europe.


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