Dat Cali Livin

Two months back State side, and it almost feels as if I’ve never left.

Living in Europe and working on a different team was an incredible experience. I learned all the things, traveled to 7 countries, walked away with a lifetime friend, and fell in love with Ireland.

Leaving was not easy. I missed the ease of travel and adventure. The ability to meet people from 20 different countries in one day. The 2 minute commute to work. The people. The dark chocolate MK snacks.

Coming back was even harder. The problems I had temporarily escaped were simply waiting for me when I returned. But day after day, my problems wane as I fall back in love with California. From beach bonfires to puppies to sports to national parks, this photo diary (of photos snapped since I’ve been back) provides 1,000 adjectives I could use to describe the great city of San Francisco and beyond

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today inspired me to write.  Today started with a bike ride over GGB to Sausalito, where the destination was a birthday yoga session on SUPs, followed by an afternoon of picnicing on the beach and being serenaded by the spontaneous jam sesh:

Tomorrow inspires me to live from a blank slate.


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