When it rains, it pours

When something funny happens to me, I write.

When something crazy happens to me, I write.

When something awful happens to me, I write.

When something incredible happens to me, I write.

Lately my posts have not been the most fun. And that’s going to change. But not right now. Right now, I have another tale.

I get home a bit early today and am greeted by my roommate, Yarin, asking if I’m okay. This is not entirely abnormal considering the past few months. However, it was still odd enough for me to respond “Fine, why?”

“Your room is a mess”

“Oh, I took off my sheets to launder; so my bed is a mess which makes the whole room look messy” -> y’all know it’s true! #makeyobed

“It seems like a bit more…”

I walk into my room and see much of my stuff strewn across the floor. I look into my closet and determine my sport bag fell off the shelf, discarding its contents onto the floor. I walk to my dresser and notice the drawers are open. I then see my sunglass case on its side, void of the sunglasses. My bluetooth speakers were charging when I left for work, and now they are thrown across the bed.

“Yarin…someone has definitely been in my room. Was Leah (my roommates’ girlfriend’s dog) roaming around?”

We call Alex (roommate 3), who immediately comes home from work.

While Alex is en route, Yarin notices her ipad and watches are missing. I find my jewelry is also missing, which is the saddest part. I am really going to miss my jewelry (read: sarcasm. It took me 2 hours to notice it was missing, and I was looking).

Alex gets home, and takes stock of her stolen items: GoPro, playstation, and computer are gone.

We’ve been robbed. Broken and entered. Ransacked. It feels very odd to know someone was in my room, looking through my drawers.

A bit later, a cop comes and I get my 2nd police report of the week, and I then have a conflicting set of emotions. My stream of consciousness went a little something like this:

I am shocked. Friday, I lose a big deal at work. Sunday, I get hit by a car. Following Monday, my apartment is broken into. How could this all happen to me? WOE IS ME.

We’re all so lucky no one was attacked or hurt.

Agh fuck all this, I have no more positive mantras. This just sucks!

I am lucky I have stuff for people to steal. I am lucky I apparently have little of value.

I’m hungry. 

I hope the year starts to get better.

Seriously, this has been a real rough week.

Guess I’ll just go write a blog.


One thought on “When it rains, it pours

  1. Roy says:

    Listen, for some Karmic reason most shit happens in threes, good or bad. So now that the bad shit is out of the way, you can start looking for the good. And by the way, if you ever feel really bad, have some one tickle you! You will laugh, guaranteed. The sound of that laughter can be both relaxing and contagious. —TEAM TKAP!

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