Guest Blogger: Where to Go on a Fab Tropical Vacation

Hey guys! Remember when I use to write about fun things?! Travel stories, wild ‘n crazy adventures, pink skies and puppy dogs? Well, let’s #TBT (I know, it’s Monday) to those days. I don’t have the capacity for fun writing (yet!), but luckily I have a guest blogger who does (and she takes LEGIT pictures)! Everyone meet Roxana; she is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney. She is all about dat healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband (we won’t hold that against her) and dogs (!!)  and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine!

Without further adieu, here is Roxana’s guest blog post (with my commentary in bold):

Tropical destinations must be the ultimate thrill of every vacation, regardless of the occasion and reason behind it – the enjoyment you’ll feel will be almost indescribable!

Without much further ado (Roxana and I spell this word differently. I believe it is because she is Aussie and I am correct), we are giving you our favorite fabulous tropical vacation destinations, hoping you’ll pick at least one of them and make it the experience of a lifetime!

HOW PRETTY IS THIS; I think Roxana designed it! Probably with Photoshop!!

Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas

This private island is just a 15-minute flight from Nassau; it offers an isolated sanctuary shaded with rustling palms and surrounded by crystal-clear water you’ll love. Much loved is the Kamalame Cay Resort as it offers ultimate privacy; just a walk from the resort is the dock you can easily stroll to with a cocktail in your hand, and catch a stunning sunset.

The food here is spectacular, too – local fresh fruits will serve for a healthy breakfast, gourmet cuisine for lunch and a light dinner to keep you in shape during your stay.

For everyone who loves water (we’re assuming you do!), the beauty of the underwater world will thrill you – diving with coaches (what’s a coach, Roxana?!), snorkeling or swimming will make for an unforgettable adventure.

Kamalame Cay

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

*Tracey has been here!

Virtually anything related to Mexico is exotic (hmm, Tracey might disagree but will let it slide. #Juarez #bordertown), and you must understand why we are listing Playa del Carmen as one of the sexiest destinations ever! With gorgeous beaches on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen sits just outside of Cancun and promises for an amazing experience!

Playa del Carmen offers the option of both international and local cuisine, which is making it super easy for you to pick foods after your choices. Why not grab your significant other and go on an on-boat dinner as you drift down the Mayakoba lagoon? B/c some of us don’t have significant others…but yes otherwise, why not!

While there, visit historic archeological sites and explore ancient temples, preserved pyramids and colorful murals.

This is almost like the 2 room bungalow Tracey and 10 college friends stayed at during #MexicoSpringBreak

This is almost like the 2 room bungalow Tracey and 10 college friends stayed at during #MexicoSpringBreak

Nouméa, New Caledonia

This newly popular destination of many is popular for a reason; surrounded with every hue of green, blue and turquoise, New Caledonia is everything and more; the space will delight your senses and make you believe there really is a heaven on Earth.

New Caledonia is so much more than just a tropical playground. Rather, it’s a charming mix of French and Melanesian traditions, and Noumea is giving the area a shot of modernity – French-influenced cuisine and luxury boutiques selling Parisian fashions.

Gourmet food beneath sand, palm trees, resorts and bungalows, and the warm hospitality sitting beside European elegance is everything you need.

Cafes and bars grace the long gorgeous beaches and horizons display tiny islets to attract day trippers.

When there, try rock climbing, sailing, kayaks or sups, or dive into a world of corals; you’ll be mesmerized by caves, canyons and shipwrecks, for sure. To relax, go whale watching, snorkeling, or just chill on the warm sand of a deserted isle. With the trip to New Caledonia, virtually all natural beauties you can imagine are at your fingertips.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti has long been synonymous with tropical paradise and we absolutely understand why; Tahiti is not only one of the biggest honeymoon destinations in the world, but it’s one of those tropical destinations where everyone dreams of going, regardless of reason. In a word – it’s paradise on Earth! Vacationing on Tahiti offers pure enjoyment, with relaxation in the sun, scuba diving, gorgeous seafood, and the luxury of staying in a bungalow that has the sea just outside your shelter!

Shoal Bay East, Anguilla

The feathery white sand that glitters in the sun is definitely a sight you want to wake up to! Opt for a resort that makes it for just a few steps away from the water, like the popular Shoal Bay Villas.

If reggae is your thing, go to Gwen’s Reggae Bar, where you can enjoy live reggae on Sundays and a wonderfully a tasty lunch. In a homey atmosphere, take a nap on an inviting hammock under a grove of palm trees. Yes please!

Thanks, Roxana for the guest blog; I’ll catch you in Tahiti?

PS – here, have a picture of Roxana!

Roxana, not me

Roxana, not me. But could be me – we look rather alike.




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