Do I write a travel blog?

Evidentally not. Time to re-brand to Lifestyle Blog, aka My ADHD Blog.

I’m nearing my 5th month travel mark, and oh so much has happened. Let’s boil this bad boy down:

  • Tears, so many tears. More on this later
  • 6 Volunteer Gigs
    • Taking care of dogs in Santa Marta, Colombia
    • Cleaning rooms and teaching English in Rosario Islands, Colombia
    • Waitressing in Guatape, Colombia
    • Social Media Marketing in San Carlos, Colombia
    • Teaching English in Barcelona Alta, Colombia
    • Social Media Marketing and Teaching English in Galapagos, Ecuador.
  • 2 countries
    • Colombia for 4 months
    • Ecuador for ~1 month to-date
  • Amazing new friends! Who all speak so many more languages than I do. Except you, Brittany! Shout out to fellow American….fuck ya!
  • Lots of these moments:
    • Person I’m working with: Rapid fires Spanish at me, ending with (translated) “Okay, you’ll tell them if they come?”
    • Me: “Sorry, I didn’t understand all of that. Can you please repeat?”
    • Person: Rapid fires at exact same speed, clearly missing the fact that I don’t speak rapid fire Spanish.
    • Me: (looks at her confused)
    • Person: Rapid fires at exact same speed, againĀ ending with, “Okay, you’ll tell them if they come?”
    • Me: Oooh oooh. Yep yep, sure.
    • Me (to myself): Well, reallllly hope that person never comes.
  • Coming out, like all the time, much to the dismay of the local hombres.
  • ALL THE WATERFALLS. Seriously, cascadas for days.
  • Greenery and puppies everywhere
  • Road romances
  • On page 182 of Harry Potter en espanol.
  • Being able to have a full on conversation in Spanish, only to roll up next to Person I’m Working With, and understand 0% of what they are saying. How does this even work? I don’t get it. Like, do I know Spanish or don’t I know Spanish?
  • Wearing the same shirt 7 days in a row. #noshame
  • Climbing volcanos
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Living in homestays
  • Being comfortable in the uncomfortable.
  • ….and so much more.

But since this is now My ADHD Blog, I don’t feel like continuing the above list. I feel like moving on to a (semi) totally new topic.

Tears. –> see bullet point #1.

Why would I be crying? I’m on a permanent, never-ending vacation, and my Instagram pictures are doooppppe AF! I mean, certainly not profesh photography, but they make my life look dope AF, I think we can all agree on that.

You idiot, don’t let social media deceive you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy with my decision to do this crazy thang called vagabonding. I’m so lucky to have the priviledge to do this thang. I will always look back at this experience with very fond memories. I will probably still be traveling for a while longer.

But is it all rainbows and sunshine? Is it even like 70% rainbows and sunshine? FUCK NO. This shit is hard, man. It’s really fucking hard. Let me try to summarize some of the hard shit:

  • Lying awake in a hot (or cold) AF place with no A/C (or heater), thinking “Oh my god. What the fuck am I going to be when I grow up”
    • Am I old?
    • What have I done?
    • Can I do a career switch at 30? How does that work?
    • Am I good at anything?
    • I mean, I’m good at lots of things. Am I great at anything? Everyone is better at me at everything, ever!
    • Why did I give up my comfortable bed and temperate climate?
    • Why did I do that thing to that person 5 years ago? I feel so guilty. I just want to apologize. I have no wifi.
  • Diarrea. Again. ‘Nuff said.
  • Landing in bus station in foreign country, a small idea of where I am, no cell service, no idea where I’m going. FUN! Figure out the next step!
  • Solitude. Loneliness.
  • Too many people. No privacy.
  • Can’t communicate. Lost. Scared. Confused. Hungry. Tired. Need to pee. Or diarrea.

And the number one thing I want to talk about:


We all have em. Pretty sure I’m not flying solo on this one. I’ve always known I’ve had mine. In my normal life, they’d sometimes show up for tea time and be like wassssupppp Tracey. Then I’d be like sorrrrrry busy busy busy, can’t talk right now. About to distract myself with a million things.

But in my traveling life, they are ever present. There’s no running from them. They’re coming over for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m one of the lucky travelers that have demons exasterbated by the communal living style that is vagabonding. I won’t go into what those demons are, but I’ll nickname them Eddy and Shelly.

Eddy and Shelly, it’s not nice to meet you. You’re horrible. But I’m going to let you stay here and hang out with me and we’re all going to sit together until your seats start moving further from the front and nearer to the door. Bitch move, make room for others.

gossip girl*
*I’ve never seen this tv show, so I don’t actually know what I’m doing with this weird sign-off. It just felt right.

And now for the first time in my history, I shall publish this fully un-edited, pictureless blog. Enjoy!