Colombia: Santa Marta Sunsets

As the sun sets on my first month solo vagabonding in South America, it’s high time for a bit of reflection.

Places I’ve Been


Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta, and it’s many beautiful sunsets

Minca and it’s many beautiful sunrises

Things I’ve Learned
  • How to drive a motorcycle! All instructed in espanol!
  • How to play indoor volleyball! All instructed in espanol!
  • How to say a few key phrases in Spanish:
    • Yes, I have a boyfriend. Husband, actually. I need to go now.
    • No, it’s okay, I promise my dogs don’t bite
    • Can I have…
    • What? What? Repeat, slowly, please? Sorry, I don’t understand. Nope, still don’t understand.
  • Colombian sunsets are insanely beautiful, Colombian people are incredibly friendly, Colombian food is incredibly delicious and it never includes vegetables.
Things I’ve Done
I’ve spent the past 3.5 weeks in Santa Marta, dogsitting for 4 of the sweetest dogs I could have asked for:

My girls

The latest adoption, Oreo 🙂

At times, I faced loneliness and isolation as a gringa dropped into a country whose language I do not speak. When my first friend to visit left, I bawled. When my first lover left, I mourned. When I thought the dog we adopted was going to die, I cried. When I couldn’t understand what anyone on the street was saying to me, I lamented. When I had a 45 minute conversation in Spanish with a stranger, I cheered. When I met a free roaming cat/dog, I gave love. When I came upon a beautiful sunset, I soaked it in.
And above all else, I Insta-storied.
I am now couch surfing in Cartagena, followed by my 2nd volunteer job in Isla de Rosario, a beautiful island off the coast of Cartagena:
I will be up (down?) grading from dog-sitting to child-sitting and teaching English to the son of a couple who owns an eco-lodge on Isla de Rosario. Their house doesn’t have electricity, wifi, or running water. Bucket showers and midnight skinny dips: I am coming for you! Insta stories, I am not coming for you 😦