Bangkok Zoo & Bangsean

September 29, 2008

Sawadee ka!

Wow, Finance is so unbelievably hard here, I want to tear my hair out…. midterm exams are coming up, and I am none too happy about that. Grrr! But, enough on that. On to more important things!

MJ, Robert, and I went to the Bangkok Zoo on Friday. So fun! We saw lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! We also rented paddle boats for 30 minutes and water-biked in the zoo’s little lake!

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Saturday afternoon, MJ and I take a bus out to Bangsean, a small beachy town near Pattaya, to visit Uh-Oh, our Thai friend who recently graduated from Thammasat and moved back to Bangsean to teach English and work at a local church. When we get to Bangsean, MJ makes the very wise investment of buying an enormous floatie which she proceedes to lug around for the remainder of the weekend, and get strange looks from the locals (a 22 year old white person with a missle shaped floatie…what’s so weird about that???).

We sit on the beach and watched the sunset  until Uh-Oh finishes her seminar, then head to see her.


Before arriving at Uh-Oh’s apartment, we walk in the wrong direction for 1 hour.

After 45 minutes, MJ: “hmmm, I think we’ve been walking for longer than 15 minutes” (how long Uh-Oh said it should take to get to her house).
Me: Well, maybe we took a wrong turn.
MJ: Want to just keep walking and see what happens?
Me: Sure.
We do that for about 15 more minutes, then give in, get  Uh-Oh on the phone and have her talk to a taxi driver.

The next morning, we all go to The Tide, a really nice restaurant, for breakfast, to celebrate Kyla’s 17th birthday. Kyla is a Canadian girl from Uh-Oh’s church group who has been in Thailand for missionary work since she was 9.  I got a smoked salmon sandwhich and chocolate mousse, which was pretty amazing, especially because none of it involved rice 🙂

After brunch, Mj, myself, Uh-Oh, and Uh-Oh’s sister, Annie, hit the beach. While Uh-Oh and Annie relax under the shade (most Thai people don’t like to get tanned, as tanned skin is the skin of laborers), Mj and myself rent a banana boat for 30 minutes and get slung everywhere by the mad Thai man on the jetski… it was SO much fun! The best part was watching Mj get thrown off when she tried to ride the bananna boat backwards and attempted to right herself midway through the ride. Priceless.

Afterwards, Uh-Oh and Annie leave to make it to church services, and Mj and I make our way to Monkey Hill. Wow. Those monkeys sure had it out for Mj. One of them literally stripped her of her towel as she was trying to feed it, leaving her in front of countless people, only in her small bikini. I think Mj was as much as a show as the monkeys were.

If only one monkey was covering his ears, another monkey was covering his eyes, another his mouth...

I love this picture

This monkey is getting fresh



We then make our way back to Uh-Oh, bid adieu, and hop on a motorbike (yikkkes, my first since the accident) to get to the bus station. Once there, it was smooth sailing back to BKK, with MJ toting her gigantic floatie the entire way.

Miss everyone in the States….can’t believe I’ve been living in Thailand for 2 months now. I’ve been picking up the language, and I can already feel myself settling in to the area. I could definitely see myself living here for a longer period of time, but no matter what happens in my life, where my travels take me, or how much I fall in love with another country, Texas will always be my home.

ps. shout out to my Jewish family: all the Thai girls in my classes say “Oy” when they make a mistake, or have a moment of exasperation. Thought you’d enjoy that!


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