EuroTrip 2010: Italy

June 23, 2010

Arrive Derche!! Even though that means “Bye” in Italian, Arrive Derche is by far my favorite phrase of the Euro Trip. After my continuous France faux paus, where I replied “Si” instead of “Oui” to every question, I was happy to have the opportunity to yell “Arrive Derche” whenever I left (or entered) a building.

We arrive in Rome at midnight, where Sara, our 5th travel buddy, was supposed to meet us. But she never arrived….. da da DA…. Well, never say never. She did arrive a full 24 hours later (sans luggage), after an airport adventure that consisted of her running full speed through a Canadian airport, and switching airline carriers last minute while her luggage stayed on the original flight. Air Canada will pay for this!!

Once Sara arrives, we prompty enjoy a Colliseum photo shoot (yay to a girl joining in on this trip!) and proceed to eat gelato # 1 and tour the great ancient city of Rome.

Some Julius Cesar dude?


The Vatican

Dear Father, I have sinned, for this is the first time I have ever been in a confessional and I am using it for a photo shoot

Trevi's Fountain!

Cinque Terre

Finally, my part of the trip has arrived! Cinque Terre, Five Lands in Italian, is a beautiful hiking trail along the Mediterranean coast of Italy. The trail takes you through 5 villages, each of them more adorable than the first. The most difficult part of the hike was of course, getting there. We bought our train tickets the night before, meaning all the reserved seats were taken. The next day, the 5 of us are sitting on the floor of the train, having to move everytime someone needs to use the restroom. “We paid 35 euro for this?!??” was all I could think, until Sreetham and I managed to snag a couple seats at the next train stop, whilst avoiding eye contact with fellow passengers whose seats we may or may not have stolen.

Cinque Terre

Village 3

And, the World Cup has officially begun! Even I, the least sports-watching fan on the face of the planet (I dont even go to UT football games…. I know, I’m that bad) watched a full soccer game! Okay, the first 30 minutes anyway. I may have been reading my book in between plays. And during. BUT, I did watch the entire Italy game, while in Rome, and it was MADNESS. Even my dramatic writing style cannot put the fevour of Italian fans into words. There was jumping. There was chanting. There were Italian songs. There was spilled beer….on my book. RUDE.

Until Prague & Amsterdam, Arrive Derche!!


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