Eurotrip 2010: Prague & Amsterdam

June 24, 2010


…is frigid. I’m talking 60-65 degrees, which means time to bust out the warm clothes! My warm clothes consist of one long sleeved shirt, and one very light sweater. Good thing it wasn’t sub-arctic (anything below 50F), or I would have been in trouble!

Our first night in Prague is spent admiring the castle encrusted skyline from a lovely beer garden atop a hill.

Prague Skyline

The first full day in Prague, we eat like kings (Eurotrip flashback, while in Eastern Europe: “What can $1.83 get us? Butlers, feasts, limosuines, etc). Maybe our dinner wasn’t to the tune of $1.83, but it was pretty delicious…

After a long day of sightseeing and walking through castles (our lives are rough), we go to a pub crawl that leads us through a church bar! Yes, that’s right, a church which has been converted into a night club. Whenever the band hit a high note, the multi-colored lights lit up the stained glass windows. It seems so wrong but it totally works.

Clock Tower

The travel crew!

Fake Eiffel Tower

View from Fake Eiffel Tower

Why so serious?

Our last day in the Czech Republic, we decide to ditch Prague in favor of a more fully Eastern European adventure. We head to the countryside, which takes a few hours to figure out. Why? Because at the train station, we continously asked the train workers “Where can we buy tickets to Tuna Ahora?” “Wha…? Tunah Horah?” they ask, in thick Czech accents. “Yes, TUNA AHORA. We.Go.Tuna.Ahora. You.Sell.Us.Ticket?” Many train workers and a Google search later, we realize we are actually trying to go to Kutna Hora. Once we figure out the correct name of the city we want to visit, we are off on our merry way!

At Kutna Hora, we have the most delicious lunch of our trip and have a private driver drop us off at the different sights…all for under 10 USD! That’s the eastern europe Eurotrip makes fun of!

Bone Castle in Kutna Hora

The last morning in Prague, Sara and I part ways with the boys, and have a few hours to kill before our flight to Amsteram. We also have a few Czech crowns to kill. What do we do? Go shopping at H&M of course! 2 dresses and a cute pencil skirt later, Sara and I head to the airport, where we have another installation of….

It’s a Small World Afterall

We run into Julia Ke, a friend from UT, at the Prague airport! Longhorns are just EVERYWHERE.


…is sub-artic. Brrrr. I’m talking under 50 degrees. And, I still have the same long sleeved shirt and thin sweater. I miss Texas!

Brrr from Vondol Park!

The first evening in Amsterdam, we of course go to the red-light district, home to the many prostitutes who stand in windows rimmed in red lights, ready and available for service. Fun fact: the oldest prostitute in Amsterdam is 83 years old and has a weeks long waiting list… go girl.

The next day, we briefly break the spirit of Europe’s Sin City by visiting the Anne Frank musuem. Otto Frank, Anne’s dad, has converted the house the family used to hide from the Nazis into a museum dedicated to sharing Anne’s story vis-a-vis the diary she wrote while in hiding. It was really amazing walking through the same rooms and narrow staircases they used so long ago during the Nazi occupation of Holland.

Anne Frank House

Our last day in Amsterdam we take a bike tour to the countryside, where a girl in our group promptly runs into a car. After that problem is fixed, we continue on our merry way to visit windmills, cheese-making shops and wooden shoe shops!


Dutch Bevo!

What a cutie!

Fun Fact # 2: The traditional XXX symbol we’ve come to associate with pornography comes from Amsterdam… I know, you’re shocked. The XXX was a symbol used to represent Amsterdam, after St. Andrew asked to be crucified on a cross that looks like an X rather than a T (so as not to steal his homeboy, Jesus’s, thunder). Amsterdam, being a major world port, stamps their XXX symbol on all goods flowing through the country, especially the very large outflow of pornography.

And in our last evening, we head to…..the red-light district, for the 4th time, to say goodbye to the prostitutes we’ve come to know and love over the last few days. This time, a prostitute propositions me and the exchange goes a little something like this:

Prostitute: (taps on window, points at me): You, 30 euro for you.
Me: (As standard rate is 50 euro, and she is one of the better looking prostitutes, I’m thinking this is a great deal): Me?
P: (nods, flashes a 30 with her hands)
Me: Hmm
P: (seductively licks her lips)
Me: 20?
P: (hesistates, seems to be considering. A few seconds pass. She nods her head….)
Me: I walk up to her window.

Haha okay, so it didn’t go exactly like that. She did offer me sex for 30 euro, to which I flashed a 20 sign, and then realized this is one negotiation I may not want to win… and then I giggled and ran.

Red Light District

And Sin City completes my Eurotrip, in styleee! After a relaxing 2 days on Barcelona’s beautiful beaches, this Saturday marks my return to Texas. A week in 110 degree El Paso heat, followed by a lifetime in Dallas’s 100 degree heat…yay! My life as a full-time adult is about to commence. Let the adventure begin!


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