Maybe I Should Pay That Bill

October 7, 2008
A few weeks ago I open my mailbox (for the first time), and see a piece of paper written entirely in Thai. On the piece of paper is a number, 187, and a bunch of words written in Thai. I stare at the number 187 for a while, trying to decide if I am supposed to decipher some kind of code. I quickly remember I cannot read Thai, and proceed to stick the paper on my counter for the next two weeks.

Two weeks later, I clean my apartment and throw away the piece of paper, brushing it off as junk mail.

Today, everything in my apartment suddenly turns off. After an hour of sitting in a blazing hot apartment, with no internet, I finally realize this wasn’t junk mail (occasionally the power will shut off), and that piece of paper I threw away was my electricity bill. Oops.

On the bright side, my electricity bill is only 187 baht ($5ish) – it’s practically free!!


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