Leo the Elephant & Muay Thai

September 4, 2008

I was walking home yesterday and I ran into an elephant on the street. His name was Leo. Leo was BIG and cute. Leo ate food out of my hand and his trunk scared me. I petted Leo and he was coarse and hairy. I liked Leo. Maybe I will run into him on the streets of Bangkok again.


On a separate note, I went to Muay Thai training today and the instructor told me to lie down on the ground, with my legs bent very uncomfortably behind me. Since I always do as I am told (ha), I obediently lie down with my legs bent in a way they probably aren’t meant to bend. Then, my Muay Thai instructor proceeds to step all over me! Ughhh, that man is so much stronger than he looks. As he is pressing my muscles in the most painful way imaginable, he tells me “Thai massage, thai massage”. Very funny. That is so not a thai massage. Then, I flip over, and he steps ALL over my back. This actually felt amazing…. I am pretty sure he cracked every bone in my body by the time he was done with me. Wow, way to start off training; I hadn’t even thrown a punch yet and already I was sweating. Just a bit nervous about what the workout was going to entail, if this is how the stretching felt.

Muay Thai ajarn...He's more burley than he looks.

*Disclaimer, for the family*- Contrary to popular belief, I do attend classes and I actually have textbooks which I read, highlight and takes notes on. I even (attempt) Finance problems. In fact, I studied all day yesterday. It was the most depressing day I’ve had since I’ve been here…. I almost jumped off my 35th floor balcony. Um, just kidding. I don’t blog about my classes because they will put you to sleep! Has this paragraph put you to sleep yet?? Case in point!

Off to the Faculty of Law’s organized trip to a resort/beach (I think… I really couldn’t understand what they were saying when they were explaining this) this weekend! I’ll bring my Finance problems to study 🙂


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