Longhorn Lovin’ & Koh Chang

September 24, 2008

This weekend, I was finally able to see some familiar faces. Kyle, Alex & Eric, all friends from my home university, UT, who are studying abroad in Singapore and Hong Kong, visited. They arrived on Thursday night, and we proceeded to get the night started with a trip to RCA, the club strip on Sukhumvit Street. After a fun night out (for them– I stayed home to cradle the porcelain god and fight my way through ‘ The FOG ‘), we wake up early to begin our travels to Koh Chang.

Kyle and Alex, fighting the FOG!

Pat-Pong Street, aka Red Light District.

Gotta love it


Once we arrive in Koh Chang, we find a bungalow on the beach, and head into the town to grab dinner. After dinner, we spend the next few hours hanging out at the hotel’s gazeebo on the beach, and then head to a bar, where I meet some Brits and kill them in a round of Connect Four games. Then I get killed myself by the Thai bartender… I think she has had some practice.

As we’re walking home from the bar, I start to not feel well. As the only sober one of the bunch, I can’t attribute this illness to Thai buckets of liquor, which could only leave two options: malaria or food poisoning.

Before I know it, I’m vomiting as MJ, my very inebriated friend, is holding back my hair (the sober one). How’s that for irony, Alanis? I spend the rest of the night alternating between sleep and retching off the front porch, until all the food from my stomach is officially gone. When Eric comes to wake me up the next morning for elephant trekking, I can barely sit up straight, let alone get up, shower, and walk somewhere. WAY too many obstacles to make that happen.

I spend the entire day in the bungalow, watching CNN, while the rest of the group goes on a trek through the jungle. The bad side: I thought I might have contracted malaria. The good side: I now know the life story of Sarah Palin (all day, CNN? Really?!).


By 7pm, I feel strong enough to get dressed (this takes about 25 minutes) and make the trek to 7/11 about .5 miles away (with about 4 breaks along the way). I eventually make it, and find the rest of the crew about to rent motorbikes. Noooo!!! I try to stop them, but as I walk into 7/11 for a yogurt, MJ gets on her motorbike.

Mistake # 1.

Then MJ starts the motorbike.

Mistake # 2.

Next thing we all know, MJ and her bike are halfway in a store, after crashing into a clothing stand. Classic. Good thing she was going about 5 mph. At this point, I really don’t understand what is happening, but the Thai lady who rented out the motorbikes sees me and immediately offers to take me to the pharmacy (apparently, watching the life story of Sarah Palin makes anyone go white in the face–or, it could have been the food poisoning) . The pharmacy was closed, so she took me back to the bungalow, where I promptly passed out. Until 2:30 am, when I am kindly awoken by my friends and told to put on my bathing suit, we’re going for a night swim. Well, more like a night waddle through the water, as the tide is low and we can walk straight into the ocean for 20 minutes and still be only up to our knees in water. Nonetheless, it was a pretty amazing midnight ocean stroll, and also the cause of us missing our 8am snorkeling appointment. Instead, we spend a long time at breakfast and then splash around in the ocean for a few hours before heading back to BKK.  As for my 24-hour illness, it was indeed food poisoning. Thanks, pad thai dude on the street.

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