Peru #1: Already I’ve Been Thieved!

December 16, 2009

This winter break, Elaine Hsu and I are galavanting around Peru for 4 weeks, because….well, why not?

We landed last night and are currently finishing Day 1 of our trip. Some highlights thus far:

-4 hr turnd 6 hour layover in Panama (typical) put us a bit behind schedule but enabled us to meet Maliena, the mother of Alton, cast member of Real Worl: Las Vegas. Maliena and I were both reading a Phillipa Gregory (thanks Brit!) novel, and bonded over our love (well, her love my confusion) of the 16th century English court.

-Upon landing in Peru at midnight, I was extremely excited to see my backpack had also safely arrived! Only later did I find out it didn´t quite arrive “safely”. One of the outside zippers had been opened and the following extremely important contents had gone MIA: chapstick, $5 sunglasses, and hand sanitizer. Thinking someone could not possibly have stolen the above items, I theorized a story of my zipper snagging something, opening, and contents thus falling out. Good theory, except my first aid kit also went missing, from a different pocket! Whhhhat?! Day pre-1 and already I´m getting thieved upon??! Ah well, at least I met Alton´s mom 🙂

Day 1: Elaine and I slept in till 10am! I usually never sleep past 8am, so I was pretty impressed with myself. Then I remember 10am Lima time is 9am Austin time and 8am El Paso time (where I previously was). So much for sleeping in.

We took showers, just because there is hot water at our hostel (win!) and then hit the town to exchange our money, get food, etc. We walked around for a while trying to find a local restaurant, as the place we are staying is ish touristy. We found one and got a 3 course meal (Elaine even satisfied her ceviche craving!) and drink for 7 soles ($3ish USD). Win. Then we bargain hunted at different banks until we found the town´s best exchange rate. W’ere such good business students.

Then, we hit the beach! Except this beach was sans sand. In place of the sand? Rocks! Actually, this was a great idea! The rocks were extremely comfortable (really no sarcasm)…they semi conformed to my body, albeit they left significant dents in my legs and torso. Best part, I didnt leave the beach full of sand! Yay.

Rocky beach!

Next we hit the supermarket for empanadas and pineapple. Yum dinner.

*Side notes*
-Wish I had paid more attention during HS spanish class. Seriously, what is everyone saying?!
-Tomorrow, Elaine and I are heading to Pisco, to volunteer at a post-earthquake relief organization. Hard manual labor, here I come!


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