Peru #7: Surfing Peru

As my Peruvian adventure nears to an end, I thought I´d make this blog a catch all of funny phrases and happenings during the month we´ve been in Peru. First, a small account of the last city Elaine & I visited in Peru:


Our Trujillo adventure began with our first couchsurfing experience! We arrive to our host’s house, albeit sans host! We spend the first two days in Trujillo with our host’s cousin and her 9 year old son. On the second night our host, Rudy, arrives and so begins the attempted conversations, charades and Elaine’s translation work.

Outside the beach, the best part of Trujillo was the food! One evening, my dinner consisted of buying everything appealing I saw on the street. I began with a turron (honey filled desert similar to baklava), progressed to two chicken empanadas, followed up with a manjar (similar to dulce de leche) filled pastry, and topped it all off with a pineapple pappaya apple smoothie. YUM! And my stomach problems didn’t even begin till an entire day later! Win. Another plus: the next day, I found my way home by recognizing bakeries along the route!

Surfing Peru

The third day on the beach, Elaine and I decided to spice it up a bit by taking surfing lessons. We bargain the price of lessons down to 30 soles (about 10USD) for 2 hours of lessons, board and wetsuit rental. Nice, right? Well, turns out 30 soles gets you a surf instructor who chugs a beer before heading into the water with us. After one hour, he tells me “I be right back. You wait for me, 2 minutes”. I wait 2 minutes. Then 5. Then 10. After about 15 minutes I look around and see my surf instructor off in the distance with another student! What??! Ditched and dismissed. Ouch.

Also, a little kid asked Elaine to borrow her surfboard “for just oneee wave”, and then attempted to steal it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Elaine chasing the little kid through the ocean. Love it.

My Month in Peru

Summed up in phrases, quotes and funny experiences:

Bananas and bread.
“Oh my god, I am so hungry. Do we have bananas and bread??”
Long and frequent buses.
Long and frequent stomach issues.
Yo no se manana!!! (latino music rocks my world)
Arequipeno familia.
Downtown playlist on my shuffle.
Lost in translation.
“I made a solid!”
“No frito! No frittttttto!”
“Is that fried fried fried? Or just, fried?”
“Oh. my. god. Not another step” – Machu Picchu
Me: “Wait, what just happened?
Elaine: “Ugh, why don’t you listen?!?”
Me: ” Because they all talk in Spanish!!”
“No intienda”, aka “I don’t understand”– my fav and most used Spanish saying, outside of “Cuanto es?”‘
“So, the bus isn’t coming? Like, ever?”
Man on street : “3 soles”
Me: “2 soles”
(after successful completion of the deal) Me to Elaine: Did I just bargain over 10 cents??
10 pm, on most nights: “Do you want to go drink?” “Hmmm…lets just go to bed?” “Okay! Gnite!” OLD LADIES!!!

I ordered Sopa de Casa. This is what I got.

I ate it...

This is how I sleep on buses

Peruvian sunset

Next adventure: Spring and final semester of Senior Year. Let the adventure begin… Hook ‘Em 🙂



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