School + Swimming

August 20, 2008

Classes started two weeks ago, and I have been to almost all my classes. I have yet to go to Principles of Marketing; last week we had 2 holidays (Queen’s Birthday and Graduation day), which both fell on the day I have Marketing, and then my Tuesday class this week was rescheduled for Saturday (not happening).

Last weekend, we went to Bed Supper, a club on Sukhumvit Road, which has Ladies Night on Tuesday nights. Warren introduced me to his Thai friend, Sugar, and one of the exchange students from last semester, who has been backpacking around SE Asia for the last few months. Fun girls! I have a feeling Sugar will play a role in many future adventures.

Bed Supper Club

In an unrelated note (aren’t they all unrelated?), a funny story from my attempt to swim in Thailand:

Warren found a pool about a 20 minute cab ride away, at a local high school. You can pay 40 baht and swim for the day, so that’s what we did. In the States (and probably everywhere else in the world but Thailand), lap pools mean people swim in their lane, right? They swim back and forth, in their own lane. Well, it doesn’t quite work like that here in Thailand (of course not). People just criss-cross the whole pool. The laps dont have dividers, but when you swim, you can clearly see the lane markers on the pool floor. People literally begin swimming straight, then randomly decide to swim to the right, or left, or maybe even completely horizontal across all the laps. It’s so annoying; this one guy swam right into my head! I was about to get out of the pool and yell at everyone to get their act together! It is just such a waste…you have to constantly look up while swimming, to make sure you don’t run into anybody. And backstroke? Forget it. Ugh, so frustrating. But, it was great getting back into the pool again! I’m going to try to go to that pool as often as I can before I tear my hair out from people swimming all over the place….seriously, who does that?!? Why!?

It was not at all organized, like this...

Have Finance tomorrow morning, then am free for the rest of the day! Perhaps I will try to get my vaccinations?


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