The day has come. Against all odds, time has done it’s job: the months, weeks, days have passed, and here I am. I’ve sold all my possessions, said goodbye to my friends and my home, packed my bags, and am about to board a one-way flight to Colombia. On this day of departure, I look back on my 5 years in San Francisco with nothing but gratitude and warmth. I have never felt as alive as I did in SF; I found my peoples, and I found my home. I’ll miss playing on the beach with my volleyball sistahs, running through Golden Gate Park with my dog lovers, and all the in-between adventures with my lezbros. As the sun sets on my time in SF, the sun rises on a grand adventure in South America.

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As difficult as it is to say goodbye to so many incredible things, I know it is time to take the next step in my journey. Even though quitting your job and vagabonding is unconventional, what am I but unconventional?

Here goes a giant leap into the unknown. Here goes an attempt to look my fears directly in the eyes and conquer them. Here goes nothing.

Vamos a hacerlo!

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One thought on “Vagabonding

  1. Eric says:

    T Kap,

    Have a great time. I hope to hear about your travels when you get back. I’m looking forward to your blog posts on a more frequent basis.

    Eric Donovan

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